Beijing Haidian also focuses on opening 6 park green spaces

Original title: Haidian also concentrated on 6 park Green Space this newspaper (Reporter Yu Li Shuang) Haidian District This year, the third batch of park green space is open, and the 6 park green space built into Baiwang Park (Phase III), Yellow Banner Park, two comprehensive parks, as well as the tea shed, the North Changhe, New Ort, Building Materials City West Road, and the open green area has about 170,000 square meters.

  Located in the east of Yongfeng Road (Phase III) is located at the portal location of Zhongguancun Science City North District, with an area of ??about 12 hectares.

The park landscape style continues, the second phase of the forest country atmosphere, design themes in the original "Wangshan, Wangshui, Wang Green Forest", "home Wang, body Wang, spirit" increased the "hope of the future" theme, In the park, you can Nanwangshan, Jingguan, aid, and augmentation in China. Yellow Banner Park is located in the demolition area of ??Huangqi Village, South side of Nong Nong Nong Road, the top of the colorful garden, the east side of the Yuanmingyuan Garden Villa, the implementation range is the area that has completed the retreat, the area is 21,743 square meters, divided into entrance activity area and children’s activities Area. The children’s activity area is partially cultivated by flowers, creating a colorful small garden; the undulating hometown, providing the child with a cheerful running place; set the landscape gallery, children’s mini basketball court, children’s fun sitting stool, etc.

  The tea shed pocket park belongs to the Sanshan Wuli, the area of ??the garden, the Eastern District of the North Yuxian Lake Building, the south neighborhood tea station, covers an area of ??16590 square meters, original site to Tianquan Industry and Trade Company.

The project is to restore ecological green space as the main body, connect with the surrounding park recreational, integrated with the surrounding environment.

  North Changhekou Park North Neighfully Xiangshan Road, Northern Northern Dry River, and the total area of ??the project construction area.

To restore the ecological green land, pay attention to the creation of the needle blindlets, rich in the source of honey source, Yuan Baofeng, Guozi, Mountain Tao, etc.

  Building Materials City West Road Pocket Park is located in the south of Building Materials City West Road, and is close to public rental housing communities in the south, with a total area of ??28,57 square meters.

While satisfying the protection of the residential area, the greening effect along the road is taken into account.

  The New Ott Pocket Park is located on the south side of the New Ott Technology. It is a green space recovered after dismantling the hardening pavement of illegal occupation, and the total area square meter, the project has newly built a park, fence, and restored the green space. "Most of the open park green space is to carry out green construction on the block of demolition. In the process of implementing the ecological restoration concept, implementing soil improvement, due to the land production site, meeting the different activities of residents, and strives to create a whole Aged Friendship Park.

Introduction to the person in charge of Haidian District Landscaping Bureau.

  At this point, this year, Haidian District has been divided into three batches of park green space, 16 scenic forests, and the opening area of ??1330,000 square meters.

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