The flower sample golden autumn will enjoy the Guangzhou National Day holiday to play "Guangzhou Tourist Carnival"!

According to the latest statistics of many online tourism platforms, the upcoming National Day Golden Week, Guangzhou is a famous domestic hot tourist destination. During the holiday season, the exciting cultural tourism activities debuted in various districts in Guangzhou, and will bring the public tourists to all-round holidays, including, live, travel, travel, entertainment, and purchase. Fun card, enjoy the discount from Octobers 1st to 7th, Guangzhou launched "Flower Sample Golden Queen" activity, take online online linkage, to create a high-quality draft feast of Jinqiu, the city .

The event was hosted by Guangzhou Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau, Gao De Map App, Guangzhou City Culture Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tourism Association, Interested Cloud Platform, China Mobile as support units. In the meantime, it will be based on Guangzhou City as the big camp, surround the radiation, and develop multiple "theme tour" "a multi-station" tourism line product. In addition, the "Guangzhou Tourism Carnival" activity topic will be set in Gao De Map App, and the "Guangzhou Tour" is a good card, "the venue is playing the card," "Food Dining)," Least food) Play to open "(theme package)," Value Hotels "(hotel accommodation), hot attractions Hot Springs Tickets" (Special Scenic Spots), etc. These five major sections will launch a cultural venue card, and the food restaurant. Recommended and concessions, travel packaging products reservations, value hotel package recommendations, special scenic spots ticket reservation, etc.

In the meantime, participate in the cultural venue can not only get the scenic gift, but also participate in the lucky draw; travel packaging products will launch a series of travel special tickets, such as Guangzhou Taden Tower + flight experience package, Dafu Mountain BBQ package, Pearl River Night Tour + Water restaurant package, etc. Top scenic spots ticket promotions, for public visitors to purchase orders directly on the web entry. Culture has a wonderful holiday from September 2021 to November, "Yangcheng Summer" 2021 Guangzhou Citizen Culture Season – "Culture and Ji Beautiful Scenic Area" Guangzhou Master Literary Boutique Tour Campaign Wonderful Continue.

The event was hosted by the Guangzhou Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau, the Huadu District Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Cultural Center, Huadu District Cultural Museum is an executive unit, and there are all parties in Guangzhou.

The red cultural scenic spots, large-scale special tourist attractions in each contracting area, will organize outstanding works in the city in the whole country, the provincial-level mass literary activities, combined with local people’s literary boutique, and hold 12 cultural boutique tour and ten games. Group of public welfare lectures, enrich holiday spiritual life.


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