At this time,Chen Gui came in carrying a bottle of wine,His other hand,But it’s a big plastic bag,There is a bag of delicious things in it。

Meizi saw that Chen Gui was back,Just say nothing,Moved a small square table on the ground to the kang。Then he said with a smile:“Just the three of us,Sitting on the Kang is more comfortable,If you drink too much and want to sleep, just tilt your head“
“what!Do you want to drink a little too?“Chen Gui smiled and asked Mei Zidao。
Meizi suddenly looked down and roared:“Chen Gui!The old lady is drinking Boss Wang’s wine,You feel bad, Don’t drink it“Meizi suddenly changed her face,This made Chen Gui very embarrassed in front of Wang Youcai。
“All right,About your husband and wife,You will fix it at night,Only drink now,Tell me less other nonsense“Wang Youcai showed his former dominance。Chen Gui had no choice but to put things on the table without saying a word,And Meizi surprised Wang Youcai。She jumped on the kang,Sat at the top。
Chen Gui stared at Meizi,But the plum pretended not to see,Pour the glass quickly,Look hungry for wine。
A bottle of wine was evenly distributed by the plums,One person cup。I don’t know if Meizi really wants to drink,Or she wants to deliberately anger Chen Gui in front of Wang Youcai。She didn’t wait for these two to toast,She actually drank it first。
A little embarrassed, Chen Gui raised his glass and smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“Don’t mention the past,I’m sorry anyway。What i want to say today is,I used to mix with you in the village,Now i want to go out with you“
“Go out with me,Then you put such a beautiful wife at home,I’m not afraid of her getting well with others?“Wang Youcai said with a smile。But when he said this,Feel a little regretful again。As the saying goes,Hit people but not face,Curse,He is revealing the scars deep in Chen Gui’s heart。
But what Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Chen Gui just chuckled,Said confidently:“Want to be nice to others,I can’t help it even if I look at it。Anyway, the child is also older,I don’t care what she does“
“well said,This is like a man“Meizi smiled,Raised the glass and took a swig。
Wang Youcai sees it,Thinking in my heart,I must not be like Chen Gui,Otherwise, no matter how much money is needed,。When he thought of this,He sighed and said:“I want to be in our village,Your relationship with me is the best。So that you were promoted to a village cadre by my dad“
“Oh, boss Wang!Don’t talk about the past。Let’s say something happy tonight“Meizi immediately interrupted Wang Youcai’s words,She is afraid that Wang Youcai will continue to say,Will tell you what Chen Gui caught when she seduce Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai understood the meaning of plum,So he smiled and said:“it is good!Don’t talk over,Then let’s talk about the present。Is this Xia Jian special?,The greenhouse in Zhangyang Village is not simple!“


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