I want to humiliate Duan Changqing,That’s why I made this test public。

The result is public,Even if this matter is deliberately suppressed,Can’t hold it down,Can’t take a day,The entire Mancheng High Court,Even the whole city will know。
Things may also spread to those kingdom courts,People from the High School of How to Train Your Dragon are often received as distinguished guests by the court,I’m afraid that this matter will also affect those nobles、Spread in the field of animal husbandry。
And all these negative effects。
In the end, it will naturally be undertaken by Sun Qian, who has planned it first.!
Sun Li has no eyes,He also didn’t think it would end up like this。
In order to severely trample on the dignity of Duan Changqing,He completely offended Han Wan,And the one who greeted him was probably a higher-level review from the college!
Zhu Minglang is back,Everyone gathered around,Incoherent excitement。
“Zhu Minglang,From the first day you entered our institution,I knew you were born extraordinary,In the future there must be a fairy-like good fortune!”Hong Hao said。
“It turns out that you have been eating flourishing soft rice with strength,I, Chen Bai, will give you incense every day,Take a breath of your luck!”Chen Bai said。
Don’t know who it is,Slap Chen Bai on the forehead,Anger:“Shut up if you can’t speak well,Let Lao Tzu flatter。”
First385chapter I think I’m covering the sky with one hand
“The people in the high courtyard are watching you too。”Lu Wenye said with some envy。
When will I be able to stand alone like Zhu Minglang,So noticeable。


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