“Then you want to be a traitor?”

“If I want to sit here?,Will Ten Thousand Station When you talk?!”
“I am just strange。”
“I have played the waves of the Black Dragon, before the War of Shanghai.,Most of this Well, most of the black dragon will,I sent me a sealed invitation on the previous few days.,Let me go to the Well Metropolis than Wu,So I went.,As a result, in the well, I will take me to see my criminal room in order to scare me.,I didn’t expect it to be trial.!”
“What you mean is Wu Tianbao is now being closed in the Well.?”
“That is in Hongkou.,We must want to attack the well-of-business hall almost impossible。”
“This thing is best to ask Six brothers,I know me knows you.,Wholly!”
“Qi boss,I have said that I will come over two days.,Looking back, six brothers will thank you!”Zhao Ji said,
“Row,Six brothers come to notify me。”
NS143chapter Long Pool Jun really is a great person.!
Rui Rui left Xianleis with the Qiushan Yazi,Car,Rui Rui said to her:“Waiting for you to pay the same way of notify the same text of Mountain Yugui President,Zheng Guo’an and Xu Hongkai will send to Xianleis tomorrow.,Let him be ready to give me a better。”
Qiushan Yadi does not know the twin plan,Ask:“boss,What is this dual-child plan??”
“You have gone to ask Mountain Yugui’s principal to understand。”
“Yes!Then I am going to notify the ferria lesson.?”
“I want to go, go.,Exact province.,Tell the ferry class long acts rash,This time we are likely to fight the power of Shanghai Station.!So you must plan carefully,And you can’t surprise Zheng Yao first。”
“Yes!boss!”Qiushan Yazi itself is a special agent,This time, this is so simple to see the Shanghai Station of Shanghai Station, Wanthao,It seems that the rumors heard before.,Long Tuli is indeed a very great agent。
Rui, drive the car to the pharmacy,Let Qiushan Yadi drives the car away,He made a few words that he said in a well-in-law’s special agent.,This special portal is called a yellow chassis.。
Hurry is to let him inform the well,He has just talked with the Shanghai Station, Shanghai Station,They are likely to save Wu Tianbao,Let him prepare。
Zheng Yao’s first plan is very bold,And it is directly sold by the Shanghai Station Station.,This is the consent of the Director。
Qiushan Yazi took a long history to see the “Wan Zhi Chao, Shanghai Station, Shanghai Station.,The first time reported to Watanaba Taro。
“You said that you have just met the long-term superior priests.?”Watanabe Xiongtao did not expect that things develop so smoothly so smoothly,Long Tuli is so fast so soon, I saw such an important figure.。
“Truly,Long pool loyalty is really,He seems to have been interested in this Shanghai station.,His real goal is Zheng Yao first。”Qiushan Yadi said,
“good,Compared with Zheng Yao first,What is Wan Zhi Chao?,However, it is a Shanghai station.,I caught his efforts soon, I will send another person.,But Zheng Yao first is our enemy,This time, if you can eliminate him, it is the major achievement of our special high school.,Yazi!Good helper,This time is also when you have a performance.!”
Watanabe Taboo is quite excited,Because this time,Perhaps you can make up for the fault of the special pass。
“Hayi,Under the subordinate, you will be fully fitted with the long。”There are still some suspicions on the rumors of Qiushan Yadi for Jiubijun.,Now she is absolutely admirable。
“Go to the same text?Everything is acting in accordance with the command of Jiu Chijun?Don’t have any omissions and deviations。”
Qiushan Yadi’s mind is to work,This time is indeed a very good opportunity.?Because Jiubijun is planning a huge trapping plan?This time, not only the Shanghai’s efforts is the Internet.,Maybe you can catch a few big fish?Direct participants,A chance to have a big job。
Qiushan Yadi arrived at the same way of writing to inform Mountain Yugui?Then ask a clear content of the Gemini Plan?This makes her feel a great great,Because he is not only to complete the trapping plan,Also help the same cases to complete the Gemini plan。


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