suddenly,“puff”,Ning Beizhi spit out blood,The whole person staggered,Supporting the stone wall to stand firm。

“teacher……”Gan Yifan is inexplicable。
Ning Bei Zhi’s face is full of pain,A cough,Blood splashes on the ground,It took a long time to get along,But:“I’m fine。”
“Vomiting blood……”Gan Yifan thought。
Where does he know,Just now,Ning Beizhi guided his thoughts,Attempt to read memory。That huge Dingning Beizhi“see”Up,But only in an instant,Then my mind was struck by lightning,Gan Yifan’s memory picture disappeared,And let Ning Beizhi suffer backlash。
Actually this is not the first time,As early as a few months ago,Underground base,He reads Gan Yifan’s memory through an instrument,But also at a critical moment。
There is a magical and powerful force protecting Gan Yifan,Even he can’t read related memories。
Ganjiazhuang,The two had a vague but intimate conversation,Gan Yifan admitted in disguise the existence of the beast of Dongming Lake,Actually at that time,Ning Bei Zhi has already guessed,The magical and powerful protection power comes from the beasts of Dongming Lake。
This is still the case,He has reason to judge,The beast of Dongming Mansion may follow Gan Yifan,And it is very likely that the beast of Dongming Lake opened the big array。
He even thought of the dragon that disappeared straight into the sky,He once said to Rudaoren,He has a feeling,The dragon is not real,The dragon I saw was more illusory。Some powerful blindfold,Make everyone you see think it’s a dragon,Including himself。
But is it true or illusory?,He can’t be sure。
“You lead the four Taoist leaders one step ahead,I arrange other people’s itineraries,Will catch up with you soon。”Ning Bei Zhi looked deeply at Gan Yifan and said。
Circular stone steps,Rapid footsteps。
Gan Yifan led the four Taoist leaders to run through it。Pass the second pit,Ning Beizhi and Li Dachuan caught up,And then rush all the way。


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