CCTV "Into the village to see Xiaokang" pay attention to Hezhou Tank Village

On the morning of September 11, the large-scale live special program of Central Radio and Television, "Into the Village to see Xiaokang" broadcast the nineteenth issue "is the pastoral harvest", CCTV reporter walked into the Sangtang Town Town Town Town Town, Pinggui District, Hezhou City Village, watching the new appearance of rural villages, the revitalization of the chat industry. The breeze is slow, the water is flowing, the brown treasure wall "Tu Yao" is built along the creek, and a wooden house is hidden in the jungle.

With the lens, in the village cultural promenade, the villagers showed the special agricultural products of the big meat ginger, black tea in the village; in the square of the village, "Tu Yao" danced the traditional song and dance, showing the joy of the villagers and well-won new life. And Hao Mai … It is reported that live broadcast is interacting with the Beijing studio by connecting, showing the beautiful scenery of the slot village, and the villagers live a day life. Subsequently, from the trough village, the strong points of energy, development of rural tourism, inheriting special hand industrial, etc., telling the "one step crossing thousand years" in the village, from the shabby mountain village transformed into a moving story of Guangxi Rural Revitalization Demonstration Point.

In recent years, the slot village has been in the "Tu Yao" features an article, developing the rural tourism industry dominated by Yaozhai sightseeing, folk experience, and leisure health, and encourages the villagers to open a home, farmhouse, and guide the villagers to fully participate in tourism management. Let the masses rely on "green water Qingshan" to achieve "Jinshan Yinshan". At the same time, according to the local "per capita one acre of tea, the households of two acres of ginger, the village thousands of acres", extends agricultural processing, handicrafts and other industries. Last year, the collective economic income of the village villages reached 10,000 yuan, with a per capita income of 9,000 yuan, 15 times the end of 2015. It is understood that "walking into the countryside to see Xiaokang" is a large live special program launched by the Central Radio and Television Report.

The program is the theme of "Rural Revitalization", starting from July 10, 2021 to the end of September, broadcast every Saturday, Sunday at 10 am CCTV news channel.

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