China @ 四 川 | Chengdu epidemic prevention and control first line: not sleeping overnight, only for the guard

  Xinhua News Agency, July 28 (Reporter Dong Xiaohong, Chaoqun) At 1 o’clock in the morning of 28, Chengdu Zhou Feng is in the light of the gate of the gate.

Under the guidance of community staff and on-site medical staff, hundreds of people wear masks and queued in order to wait for nucleic acid detection.

  Such a scene is carried out simultaneously in the 15th residential community of the Qingyang Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu.

On the 27th, there were 3 cases of urinary diagnosis in Chengdu. Multiple communities in Chengdu were urgently isolated control. In the epidemic prevention and control, many people were not sleeping overnight, only for the guards of Wanjia. Team, thanks to "Don’t panic!" "Medical staff is hard!" In the Yancheng Bay Community, the citizen is inquiry is in order to lay up.

Scan the QR code, fill in the name, phone, ID number and home address, and complete the information registration.

  "Thank you, aunt, you have worked hard!" At half a half, the 8-year-old child who completed the test was used to use his tender voice, thank the medical staff thanks. 65-year-old residential resident Jiang Wen (pseudonym) actively cooperates with the collection of throat swab, "Thanks to the medical staff and community, the hard work of the property personnel." "Everyone went out to wear a mask, the medical staff is too hard, the summer is so good It’s hard. "" The community staff is very hard, pay tribute! "In this sleepless night, the Chengdu people’s friends circle, such a warm heart is more. 5 hours, 9 communities, more than 10,000 people as of 230 hours in the morning of the 28th, 190 medical staff from the Qingyang District CDC collaborate, completed the first 1075 people in 9 residential communities within 5 hours. Wheel nucleic acid detection.

  More than 2 o’clock in the morning, more than 100 streets, communities and volunteers worked in a row, and did not relax. Medical personnel are sampling of nucleic acids in community residents.

  "Hello! I am a staff member of the Guanghua Street Office. Do you have a nucleic acid detection?" In the entrance of these residential communities, the staff is sitting, some squatting on the ground, and conducting a phone call one by one .

  "Some residents are not in the community, and some residents may sleep earlier, and all will not know all.

"A street staff said that the average of each staff should be close to 100 calls. Quickly, protect Li Ying is a staff member in Qingshuihe Community, Guanghua Street, after 6:45 on the 27th, after receiving the notice, Riding a battery car to Youpin Road, with the police, disease control, urban management, community property staff, quickly pulling the warning line, doing the entrance and export personnel, the instructions of vehicles. Move the stool, transport materials, Make a variety of coordination calls, Li Yicheng is not idle. After the first round of nucleic acid detection, the staff of the Qingshuihe community stationed in the community started a home, and the home should be notified to inform The Qingshuihe Community has 15 staff, 14 of which are women. A community staff called Wang Xin will be temporarily stored in the neighbors of the daughter who is only three and a half years old, and quickly put into the epidemic prevention and control.

  "We will have someone to send vegetables!" In the morning, 12,000 pounds of vegetables have been shipped to multiple isolation communities, which are used to distribute to isolation residents and protect you normal life.


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