Tianjin: Northern Cuisine is from the source of origin and is expected to fall

Original title: North dishes is a source of origin and come back to the price "嚯, cucumber five or six yuan a pound, spinach is a pound of a pound, usually in the eye, the rapeseed will be nearly five yuan, the recent leaves price It is expensive than meat … "Yesterday, Li Uncle, who often went to the community farmer’s market to buy vegetables." What is the price of this price? "Recently, many citizens have the same feelings.

"Why is the price of the price of the vegetable jump, and it will not be able to fall in the future.

To this end, the reporter visited the many large-scale farmers wholesale markets and industry veterans. The reporter visited the community farmers market in peace, Nankai and other districts. The supermarket and large farmer wholesale market have learned that the price of some vegetables, especially the price of green leaf vegetables, while the price of potatoes, melon, onion is basically the same as the same period.

In the Nankai District, Ms. Chen said, "Ms. Chen told reporters:" I often take the bus to buy food here. I have been more cheap here. However, these days have risen, and the broccoli is eight yuan a pound. .

"The person in charge of the market said that the recent price increase involved in multiple provinces and cities, causing a number of factors," In addition to the preceding provinces and cities in some provinces and cities affected vegetable production, the continuous increase in finished oil prices has risen There are also factors such as artificial cost.

And there are more rain in the summer, affecting the production of vegetables, which affects vegetables prices to a certain extent.

"In some large supermarkets, reporters see, celery, fast vegetables, lettuce, oil-like vegetables, etc., have doubled, the promotion of eggplant, cauliflower, tomatoes, the price of every 500 grams.

The reporter then visited Hongqi farmer, He Zhuangzi, Haixi Agricultural Products Logistics Co., Ltd. and other large agricultural product trading markets, and market staff said that although vegetable prices have increased significantly by multiple factors, the supply is very sufficient.

Tianjin Haixing Agricultural Products Logistics Co., Ltd. The person in charge told reporters: "Enter in October, from Zhangjiakou, Gansu, Hebei Province, under the city, currently from Shandong, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Hainan, vegetables, are continuously entering the market. The number of transactions in the nearby market is maintained at around 5,000 tons.

With the continuous access to the market, vegetable prices are expected to fall, but may still be higher than last year. "(Reporter Wang Shaofang) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.


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