Psychological moral education: adhere to conscience to take the mission of love

  "The book is really educated, education is the communication between the soul and the soul. It is the collision of the soul and the soul. Education can make people feel the great life." Liu Pengzhi, the honorary president of the Affiliated School of Renmin University of China I have said this.

In recent days, the school "Cultivating Students’ Psychological Moral Education Strategy Research" held in the School of Economic and Technological Development Zone, the People’s Congress, said Wang Jiaokai, the school president, said: "The school must do warm, responsible, stretch Happy education of life.

We use the Chinese who have a sense of mission to the school motto, call on the teachers ‘from the heart, and create the future’.

"Moral education class is an important position to implement the fundamental task of standing Germany, and many schools are exploring moral education and related school-based courses with school characteristics.

Moral education and traditional knowledge teaching have a big difference, how to make moral education "soul"? Can Moral Education awaken the conscience of the students in the heart? At the topic seminar, Deng Jianying, head of the topic group, showed "Hello, Neighbor" psychological education, reflecting his understanding of moral education. With mental health education, moral education can be enhanced. With the rapid development and change of society, primary and secondary school students face psychological stress from society, schools, families, and it is easy to generate psychological emotions such as negative, anxiety, and even psychological barriers such as learning, bias, depression.

"Beijing Daxing District Teacher Tutor School Scientific Research Room Zheng Shang said." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " New Thoughts. Moral education and mental health education have both differences.

Bai Yuping, Beijing Educational Science Research Institute, said: "In the school’s education, the two should be organically integrated, moral education should be ‘participation in’ and ‘guidance’ mental health education, mental health education to support and supplement moral education Human effect. "Zheng Zengyi, the deputy inspector of the basic education of the Ministry of Education," the combination of national spirit, ideal beliefs, citizen morality, compliance education and mental health education, and is a mission.

The current education determines the future national quality and social civilization level and the national cultural soft power. It is necessary to use your heart to use love, and stick to the conscience to explore the psychological moral education. Strategy. "Zhu Yongxin, Vice Chairman of the People’s Central Committee, said in a video speech:" Stick to the conscience is not a person, not a matter of a team team, nor a school, should advocate a good idea in the whole society. "Improve the quality of moral education, stick to conscience, teachers are key.

"The reform of China’s education must be made from teachers. Wake up the students who have adhered to the conscience and cultivate high-quality citizens who can adhere to the society for the country.

"It is understood that this topic is expected to achieve four-story goal: one is the personal level, wake up the inner conscience of the students through the mental moral education strategy; the second is the family level, through the mental moral education, parents who have homologously keep good together; It is the teacher’s level, enhances teachers’ education personality, so that teachers have a sense of mission, enhance their ability to educate people; fourth is social, national level, and construct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education curriculum implementation strategy.


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