The Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission of Discipline Inspection and Commission for 5 issues typical cases of corruption and style of the people

  1. The Dongguan Street Office, Dongguan Sub-district Office, Pingliang City, was originally used by Yang Aifang to use public fund issues.

From February to October 2020, Yang Aizhou used the position to facilitate the public health funds and public health funds such as community health service center, and used illegal activities such as network platform recharge and network gambling. In November 2020, Yang Aizheng was expected to be a public office. In February 2021, Yang Aifang was sentenced to four months six months.

Cao Wuzhou, the former director of the Branch Street Community Health Service Center, did not seriously fulfill the supervision duties, and the financial management of the unit was confusing, and he was seriously warned by the party, and the government was dismissed.

Community Health Service Center Accounting Qilihong did not regularly check the account, and did not discoverb the publicity behavior in time and was dismissed by government affairs.

  2. Secretary of the Former Party Branch of Water Liu Village, Wanghe Town, Qingshui County, Tianshui City, director of the village committee, misappropriating funds for poverty alleviation.

From October 2017 to June 2020, Ma Yongji used the position of the position to handle the borrowing of the poverty alleviation and mutual assistance funds in the name of other farmers. They were used for personal operation, living expenses and purchased commodity rooms. Ma Yongji also has problems such as violation of the rules of procedure of the Poverty Alleviation Association and the village disclosure system, and violations of dangerous house renovation funds, and temporary help and survival. In January 202, Ma Yongji was expelled from the party, and its suspected crime transferred procuratorate was reviewed according to law.

  3. Yang Xiaolin, the original shareholder of the Finance Bureau of Huachi County, Qingyang City, Yang Xiaolin, rested, support the funds of the China-level collective economic project. In July 2020, the central government of 6 villages in Yangchairun, Yutong Town, approved the SCIENCE Mangchun City, and arranged support for funds 500,000 yuan per village. On July 28, the county finance budget stocks issued project funds from the village of 6 project villages. On August 10, Yuguan Town submitted the fund usage plan to the county finance bureau, but Yang Xiaolin was suspended by the suspension of funds, resulting in the development of Yangchain Village, the development of the Yugui Town, 20021 3. 3 On the 30th, I will be paid in place and the retention time is 8 months. In addition, four townships and towns, such as Yuele Town, Shangli Township, Zifang, and Jochu Township have different levels of funds.

In May 202, Yang Xiaolin was warned by the party, and the government broke out, and the financial system was transferred. 4. Zhang Boxue, director of the town of Ningyuan Fort, Jinchuan District, Jinchuan District, Jinchuan District, is a full-time committee of disabled people and the processes of disabled people.

From 2012 to 2020, Zhang Bo is based on the name of false diagnosis and applying for disability certificates, and the violation and conquersice is a full-time committee for the disabled people of the oilseed.

In April 2021, Zhang Bo learned all the party’s warning and discipline funds.

  5. Wang Ji Lin, a director of Xinglong Village, Pingxi Town, Tongyu County, Dingxi City, Wang Dingyi, former deputy secretary of the village branch, to charge the masses.

In 2020, Xinglong Village, Pingxiang Town, was recycled, and the 3850 kg of new film was exchanged according to the standard.

Ji Yilin, Wang Dingyi negotiated, with a 40 yuan price of 60 yuan per volume, 23,100 yuan.

Ji Yilin also has a violation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, accepting the problem of the banquet. In February 2021, Ji Yulin, Wang Dingyi received the party’s warning, and the masils charged in violation of the people were returned.


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