“Failed,I was chased by this person.,My poison needle is invalid on this person.,Come over by this person to be seriously injured。”Black woman’s heart has a sense of heard,If you are not escaping,I am afraid this time is gone.。

“impossible,Nether magic needle contains a highly toxic,Even if the power of the congenital qi level is also hitting this poison,The strong people in half-step martial arts are in this poison.,Also suppressed,Can’t kill you at all,Do you have killed by the martial arts?”road。
“He is not a military domain,Even the congenital suffocation is not up to,But this informing the magic needle is ineffective.。”The black woman will explain it.。
“Really strange!”Love 言 点 点 点 点 色 色,This is never encountered.,If he knows that his family’s big lady will not lie with her,She doesn’t believe it at all.。
“I also feel strange,But I have experienced it.。”Women’s Road。
“I am coming.,Don’t do this task。”Love quiet。
“no,I am a hint of the Southeastern Assassination Hall.,This task must I do。”Black woman with silver teeth:“I must take a knife and cut the flesh and blood of Lin Feng.,Let him bleed。”
“You are the main hall of Tiannan Assault Hall,But you are a daughter who will grow up.。”Love, love, holding the shoulder of the black woman:“I can’t let you have anything.。”
It turns out that this black woman is the daughter of the Heavenly President.,It is a big lady in Southwest China’s entire underground world.。
The Nanka will be the largest organization in the southwestern province.,They have a strict organization,Also handled some unclean things,These things are handled by the Tangkou.,And the assassination is to deal with this matter.。
Willow is sitting on the seat of the hobbleman with absolute strength,Today, some people spend heavy gold, please ask the people of the Nankai to arrest Lin Feng.,This matter naturally falls on Liu Hao.。
So the big lady of the Southern Southern Association shot,Who knows that Lin Feng is a wonderful,So this has the scene just now.。
“Love,I know,But I don’t have it to kill this rogue.,I don’t understand my hate.,I want to smash his hand.。”Willow thinking that Lin Feng shredded his stockings,Her face with blush,But the murder is getting more and more。
From small to large,Where did she have been so toned?,And Lin Feng is taken on her iceberg.,She can’t wait to smash Lin Feng’s dog paw.。
“Ugh!”Yu Guang, the Yu Guang of the Eye, Suddenly glanced to see the will of the will,She shook her head helpless:“Ok,Give it to you.,But you can’t shoot today.,Can’t go tomorrow,This flutter opening is hosted by our Heaven and South.,I can’t ignore myself.。”
“I see,Love!”Willow。
“I personally presided over tomorrow.!”Love turns around。
“Dead rogue,Stinky,You will give this lady waiting!”Lin Feng’s scorpion smile appeared in the brain of Liu,She hate into her room.。
Hearts International Hotel,In the room of Honghai,Lin Feng,Hong Hai,Cheetah and other people sitting on the sofa,Each cloud spit。
“Big brother,What do you want to listen to black and white??”Hong Hai smiled and asked。
“Have he sorry for our brothers??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Isn’t it?,However, when he wanted to do it, he was resolved by the big brother.,For example, this transverse offer。”Hong Hai Shen explained。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng heard the words:“What is this person??People in Southeast Asia because of what avenge?”
“This person is very lonely proud,Don’t like owre everyone,It is also a derogatory to your friends.,He is born in Southeast Asia’s organization to help,His wife killed by his old sand river,His family discovered this thing,The result is all by http://www.9989bba.cn Shahe Tiankeng kills,The black and white hand later discovered this,Use explosives to die。Shahe day,Since then。”Hong Hai explained。
“Black and white hand did not announce his family who was killed by Shahe Tiankeng??”Lin Feng doubts。
“Big brother,What is the announcement??The things of Shahe Tian dry are placed in some organizations.,Because of a big taboo,But some organizations do not have this rule,Such as 蜍 教,Who is the fist who is home?,The old man of the Shahe He is a toilet,High weight,And black and white hand has no background。”Hong Hai explained。
“so it is,To put it bluntly, there is no background。”Lin Feng sighed。
“good,Daddy is also a big risk to collect this person.。”Honghai Road。
“I met a white man today.,Chasing black and white hand,I have saved it back。”Lin Feng did not hide,He is simple to http://www.qdtqo.cn explain the things over again.。
“what?Big brother,You saved the black and white hand?”Honghai lost。


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