If you don’t find the secrets of these bat winged dragons in a short time,,I’m afraid I can’t leave here!

I wish Minglang try to make a sword again,From the firefly sword,Until the sword spirit dragon releases its own sword shadow attack,You can see the night sky,The figure of the sword spirit dragon changed from slender to huge,From another huge metamorphosis into countless sword light sweeps……
Sharp blade,Jianhong domineering,Sword spirit rages。
In the end, even one of the scaly horns of these bat-winged dragons cannot be injured,Their wings flapping,Make a manic sound,The claws rub against each other during the flight,Like a human being grinding a knife and fork at the table。
Zhu Minglang feels a little irritable,He still try to be calm,With the power of the sword spirit dragon just now,Watching the trajectory of these dragons calmly。
When the geese are migrating,They will act in groups,That’s because when the geese flap their wings,Will produce a warm and upward air current,Ensure that every geese in the team can carry this migratory bird airflow,A lot of energy saving,While maintaining the correct direction of flight,The wild goose once left behind,It’s probably impossible to reach the destination。
Zhu Minglang noticed these bat-winged funeral dragons,There is also a circling air current similar to that of migratory birds。
This circling air is now in the air,The cliff that did not descend,So it can also explain why they dare not fly low,Why not dare to attack other people on the ground。
Batwing mourning dragons fly much faster than their level,I’m afraid it is caused by this circling air current。
But one more point,Zhu Minglang is still confused。
The circling airflow does make these bat-winged dragons move uniformly,Like a group of vultures in the desert,Maintain a keen sense of death,But how do they avoid their flying swords?。
It stands to reason that the speed of the sword spirit dragon,Faster than these bat-winged mourning dragons carrying the circling airflow。
Batwing Sanglong began to press down,They are black,It’s just a thick rotating cloud,The circling airflow is also spreading to the earth,This means that the range of batwing sangria will become wider。
They are going to attack other people on the ground,And Zhu Minglang standing on the cliff,But they were ignored。
Those weird calls,It seems to be a bit of a mockery of Zhu Minglang, the monarch-level dragon shepherd,They seem to know,This is a powerful human,Collecting all the power of the batwing dragon may not be able to kill him。


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