It is missing one by one in the championship book!IELTS combination Tokyo Olympic goals win gold

It is missing one by one in the championship book!”IELTS” combination Tokyo Olympic goals win gold
Huang Yaqiong (left) and Zheng Siwei.The Tokyo Olympics official released an interview with Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong, the world’s No. 1 badminton mixed doubles player, this week.The “IELTS” combination won three consecutive championships as soon as it went live in October 2017. In 2018, it won the Asian Games and the World Championships plus major mixed doubles gold medals;He also won six Open Championships, firmly occupying the first place in the world.Since the partner’s success, Huang Yaqiong bluntly surprised.Speaking of the secret of cultivating tacit understanding, Zheng Siwei reappeared: “I may quarrel with anyone, but when I meet her (Huang Yaqiong), I will not quarrel.”In his view, the key to long-term partnering with doubles is trust and tolerance.” Adversity is when the two partners are prone to divergence.At this time, there must be more tolerance between the two.Because everyone ‘s personality ca n’t be the same, it ‘s the most important thing to communicate and run together.”In the world’s number one position, it is inevitable that there will be a feeling of extreme coldness. The two also admitted that the process of keeping the ranking is difficult.To cope with the challenges of other players, Huang Yaqiong said that he has been improving understanding, studying and learning with his partner. “If you have good ideas, share them and teach each other how to play. There is a place for the two to learn from each other.”The only thing the” IELTS “group currently holds is an Olympic gold medal.Next year will be the first Olympic trip for the duo. Although they basically locked in the qualifications for the competition, they both clearly said that after the World Badminton Federation resumes, holding the qualifications in their hands is the first priority.Mixed doubles are considered by the outside world as the biggest single item for Yu Yu in Tokyo.Huang Yaqiong said: “If we can win the gold medal for the Chinese team, we will be very happy, but first of all the qualifiers for the Olympic Games, the two of us did not think so far, did not consider the two of us to get this gold medal, but we always aim towards thisDo it.”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Chen editor Xiao Wanli proofreading Wu Xingfa


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