The country’s first! Sichuan’s high speed realizes earthquake warning system application full coverage

Earthquake warning receiving terminal and "big speakers" installed on Neijiang Baima Toll Station.

Chengdu High-tech Disaster Reduction Institute for map 2001 August 31 (Zhu Hong) On August 30, according to Chengdu High-tech Disaster Reduction Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Disaster Reduction Installation") The service area has all applied earthquake warning terminals, and seismic warning functions have become the first highway to apply earthquake early warning systems in the country. It is understood that Sichuan is located in a plurality of earthquake faults, and the Sichuan South area is also a seismic and easy-to-development area.

In order to further enhance the safety travel service capabilities of highways, the Sichuan Ganchuan South Company of Sichuan Province is cooperated with the disaster reduction. All toll stations, service area and office area along the high-speed high-speed area are installed.

When there is an earthquake having an impact on the above point (estimated intensity ≥ 4 degrees), the earthquake warning receiving server will automatically open the broadcast system before the earthquake is damaged, before the earthquake is damaged, before the earthquake is damaged. Ten seconds issued a warning alert with countdown and estimated intensity tips. The company’s employees can use early warning time to quickly launch emergency plans, scientifically guide the company and the masses along the people, effectively reduce people casualties and property losses. Dr. Wang Wei, Director of the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory, Director of the Disaster Mitigation Office For major projects such as airports and schools, communities, etc., have achieved good mitigation results. The highway is an important traffic artery, the development of the artery, the toll station along the line, the service area is a personnel intensive place, and the high-speed application earthquake warning will effectively guarantee the safety of vehicles along the line, the passenger and staff, and reduce the earthquake The person and property losses are the specific landing of the "people’s first, life first" concept in the transportation field, but also the latest practice of strengthening science and technology support and ensuring traffic safety. (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.


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