“Also talking。”Lin Feng Road:“Can mobile phone accept photos??”

“Can,you send it to me。”Lin You laughs and laughs:“hurry up。”
Lin Feng heard the words,When the photo is sent,This photo is a photo of Lin Feng and Bei Xueyin.。
Just after a moment, Lin Feng’s phone will ring again.,Lin Feng connected to the phone,The voice came from Lin proud:“elder http://www.027liyi.cn brother,yourssTechnology is too bad,How do you take the photo of the big star Bay and Yin and yousTogether。”
“sweat!”Lin Feng heard the madwood。
“elder brother,You are too funny.。”Lin You smiled。
“Believe it or not,All right,Stinky boy,I said with you.,Remember when I came back, I took Zhongzhou City.,Let’s practice,If you say it is welcome.,I am trying to fight you.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Let you blame you!”Lin proudly hangs up the phone。
Lin Fengnan is smirk,He now has a dream sensation.,Lin proud does not believe it is normal。
Lin Feng’s figure walked into the small courtyard,He came to the edge of Shitang,His figure jumped up,Overbearing a strong breath,The palm will then kill the void。
Today’s and Daxi’s handsome make Lin Feng realize its own defect。
Still a grade,If he does not fight the http://www.seening.cn pagress attack,I am afraid he is still defeated very miserable。
Lin Feng thought that there was no sleepy.,Whole person’s spirit,Essence gathered together,In the edge of Shitang。
After half a time, the figure of Bei Xueyin came out.,She hesitated, and finally did not blend Lin Feng.,Then turned to go to the floor.。
Night color,Lin Feng immersed in it,Sit in the edge of Shitang when you are confused,And then get up again,The time between the eyes of the eyes。
Lin Feng looked at the sun,He is a refreshing。
“Who are you??”Just then the cold voice came。
Lin Feng turned around to see the night cold figure,Night Qing cold,Yingzi,She is beautiful and sharp to stare at Lin Feng。
Lin Feng gives her feel very strong.,At least she is not allowed to Lin Feng。
“who I am?I am a siny boyfriend。”Lin Feng smiled and http://www.wangxuqing.cn said:“My hometown is the Nanling City.,Nightclub,Do you want to prove that I am a male?。”
“Humph!”Night clear cold:“I warn you,You’d better not hurt the snow。”
“I didn’t hurt her.,She is my woman。”林枫傲然道:“我这一生都会守护她。”
“雪茵,我有紧急任务执行,我先去警局了。”夜清寒转过身,When I look to Beibei,Her face reveals a bright smile。
“Ok,Pay attention to the road。”Bei Xue Yin slightly nodded。
The night is cold and then turned away.。
Bei Xueyin back to the living room,Looking at Lin Feng, Lin Feng Road, lying on the sofa:“What happened to you and the cold?”


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