Gao Baoyi holds the hand of Sanlang holding a kanko。

Light wind in the gazebo,Anxious with a tight summer,Two people look around。
In fact, they are worried about this Qizhou trip will encounter an accident.,There is also a vast future,But no one said。
Each has a concern,It is also true that it is nothing.,Why do you have a little daughter gesture?
“correct,I heard that you have recently?Zhang Wei’s unique?”Silang frowning asked。
There is no new thing under the sun,The high of the high school is not reliable.,Already let go,To engage in Dead,The reason is to grab your own woman.。
Silang is very worried about this,Because the high-rise is not working in the weekdays.,I am afraid, I am afraid that this kind of mentally heating is not responsible.。
That guy even gods。Common words,Be very boast。
“I am afraid of him bird,It is completely innocent disaster.。Zhang Wei’s house is just a woman who is just in me.,I have no two.。”
Gao Biyi rely on Zhang Wei,Daughter“Manage”Say。Silang nodded,This is very in line with Gao Baoyi。Already in the Diwu to Li Zuli,It’s impossible to make a mess at this time.。
“This is not blame you.。Zhang Wei’s after all, the back,Can’t give a new master,Why do you trust him??”
Gao Changgong understands Zhang Wei’s self-protection behavior,But he doesn’t believe that Gao Yue will be big.。
“Who is the future??Before you can add your own to your house??”Gao Baoyi means a deep concern,Staring at Silairo“Pretty face”。
“Too,Not mention,Last cup。Qizhou trip,Our brothers together。”Silang is slightly drunk。
“Is it not a trip to Qizhou?,Do we don’t need to be a colleague in the same boat??”Gao Baoyi asked with a smile。
“Hey, I drink more.,Self-penalty!”
“A cup is good,Drinking。”
Calling people driving the car to send away the drunken four,Gao Biyi is sitting alone a pavilion,Thinking Gao Yue, when will this?。Gao Yang wants to kill him is already a nail,But when is it?,How to kill,It’s not very good.。
This person has no feelings with himself.,Saved and no benefits,More impossible for yourself。
I can only sorry.,He doesn’t want to be drunk,Or when what the Virgin does not ask for a return of the life。
Think here,Gao Bao,He never thought of the Northern Zhongchen。High ocean neuropathy,Not worthy of loyalty。
His goal is only one,That is to live。This is a very low goal,But look at the times now,So many chuck-capable people,Today’s Bin,Tomorrow wild。
Have a long time,Good alive,It is not a simple thing.。
At this moment,The broken sword quietly walked to Gao Baoyi,Sink:“Leader,Changguang Wang Gao Zhan,Have entered the hole,Bounked by two female spiderings。Hulo has drawn a picture of a dragon two phoenix.,What should I do next??”
Gao Baoyi mouth hooks slightly:“very good,After I leave,You continue to monitor Chang Guangwang,Look with the two female spiders still have any contact。If there is,Take my name,Painting this picture to Yang repair,Then let him send it to your hand。”
“Leader,I am a little,Let your Majesty down now,Not better??”Broken sword asked,He is mainly worried about the incident, Gao Zhan pushed the two nets.。
“many things,As long as you suspect is enough。This little thing,It is a spanning of long-distance。But I have been buried in my heart.,Every time he thinks,There will be the impulse of Killing Gao Zhan,You don’t understand?We have to pick yourself。
Monitor is right,But the design is wrong.,understand?We must accidentally know。”
Powerful thing,Broken sword,But he knows that Gao Biyi is a very sinister guy.。
“I gone,Yucheng’s things,I will give Zhang Wei’s co-ordination arrangement,You listen to him.。but,Defenses can not do without。If he destroys my arrangement,Insert your own hand,You will”
Gao Boyi made a moving movement。
What is the daughter?,Yang Jijima’s granddaughter,Not there is no pressure。
“Bamboo!”Broken sword,I am afraid in my heart.。
Gao Bao is young,But feel deeply,How many rear hands are he burned??
After the sword walked,Zhang Wei also came to the door,That is in the study with Gao Baoyi。
“蹴 蹴,You have to go to do,Mix your spies。In the city layout。”
Gao Bo Yi took out a large wooden board from a small drawer of the study cabinet,The above is painted with a charcoal pen. Simple urban street layout。
“蹴 蹴 大 热,But there are not many people who will play.。We have built 12 蹴 蹴,Compete。There is a power to ask the player as a coach.,Direct help to play,All say。These people will be nails,Monitor the right movement。
Ming, our 蹴 蹴 社 is to train players,By the way in the Changle Hall,Actually,It is through this opportunity,Socketing the spy feels in Yucheng,Do you understand this truth??”


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