“Young master,I know,I only ask the young grandfather to help me take care of my family with you.。”

“okay,These don’t have to say that I will arrange people.,Since you know how to do,Just wait here.!”
Just finished this,The police are knocking on the door.。
“Mr. Li,You are allegedly kidnapped together,Now please cooperate with us”“Kidnap?
What kidnap?
I do not know?”
Li Wu Tian lying on the bed to install a very weak look。
And the manager at this time saw this scene,I can’t help but pull down.。
“Young master,I am sorry you.!”
Chapter 978
“What are you doing??
What are you sorry??”
Li Wu Tian saw the manager under the hand, so this move is also shocked.,The first reaction is the other party to reveal oneself。
But good psychological quality still makes him put the weakness of weakness,He wants to gamble。
If you gambling the other party, if you dare to meet him,So the other family is not good。
“Young master,In fact, the kidnapping thing is what I arranged.,This is the plan for me.,I looked at the young master lying on the bed every day.,feeling terrible,I think about giving you an exit,Then I am afraid that those people don’t convince me.,I will move your name.”I haven’t finished this.,Li Wu Tian is sighing for a breath。
“Then my name moved out so good.?
How are you so confused?!”
“no,Your name is not good,I also gave a part of the deposit.,So they went,Otherwise they will not go。”
Li Wu Tian also did not expect this manager to play such a play under his hand.,Suddenly, he is not willing to send each other.。
“Hey!Do you know if you know??”
“Young master,In fact, I will know if they start.,But I think about money.,It is also scared that it is also a completed task.,I didn’t expect that I didn’t expect it so soon.。”
Two dialogues,Already。
And have this dialogue,Li Wu Tian has absolute confidence will not go in。
Never have any charge。
“Hey,Police comrades,He is a self-first plot.?
He has said so much.!”
“Humph,I have to wait for us to go back.,And you have to accept our inquiry for this time.,Please do your work。”
Say,The police took the other side directly.。
Looking at the manager’s landing,Li Wu Tian knew that he had to work hard to take care of the other family.。
Otherwise, the other person just suddenly active,It is enough to explain everything。
He can use this method to make yourself eluting,Then the same way will use this way to let yourself go in.。
Think about it,He took the phone directly and called a phone.,He did not directly gave each other’s house,That is something too obvious.。
He wants to help each other,But the same is still not possible to fall。
Just in Li Wu Tian, I just finished it.,Li Kai Fu is there again, there is a problem.。
He has also thought of himself in the industry.。
After all, Xujia has so many years of family,Natural industries are also a lot,Now the price is low now.,The other party should also accept。


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