After all, it is a famous trading place on the sea,If there is a suitable fruit here, the probability is very high。

Those ignorant little pirates,Usually sell fruit in exchange for Bailey。
The mighty pirate won’t sell it,But the weak are the mainstream,Accounted for the largest proportion of people。
And the probability of finding the devil fruit,Everyone is about the same,Many people are powerful,Devil fruit will not run to you because you are strong。
This is why the devil fruit trades frequently。
Otherwise the four emperors、Even if you don’t eat Qiwuhai,Can also be given to his people,Why go out and sell。
In addition,There are more than four emperors and seven martial arts in this world,A lot of strong people,Just relatively low-key,The sea is not a matter of a few people。
“Boss,There are so many people here!”
Ainilu looks at the prosperity of the business capital,Very surprised。
The empty island where he is, to put it bluntly, is where the village is,The number is only one or two thousand,Weapon fighting is at the level of one or two hundred people。
And the city of commerce is afraid that there are tens of thousands,There is no contrast between the two。
“Okay!”Leo nodded。
The world as the sea,The islands cannot gather too many people,The city of commerce has a population of millions, which already belongs to the top level of the sea。
Many large island nations have only hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands。


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