The National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will announce the ninety-sessions of the sixth round of inspection.

China Communist News Network Beijing October 28 (Wang Hao) According to the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: The implementation of the "two responsibilities" in patrol feedback is in full enough, the pressure conduction is not in the end, patrolled Local and unit Party Organization adhere to the hand of the party to the party to grasp the party, picking up on his shoulders, driving the whole world from the strict treatment of the party.

In patrol feedback, some patrolling places and units were pointed out that "the" four-wind "problem is not enough, formalism, bureaucratic issues are still more prominent." In response to this problem, the patrol local and unit party organizations have been politically recognized and grasped, and a node is strict, one question is solved.

In response to the inspection, the issue of organizational routes that implement the new era of the Times, the patrol local and unit party organizations further strengthen the construction of leadership teams and cadres talent team, strengthen the grassroots party organization function, and provide strong organization security for high quality development. It is said that the party committee (party group) is patrolled, and the next step will be integrated into daily work, integrate into deepening reform, integration into the comprehensiveness of the party, integrate into the team team construction, sustainable force, for a long time, with a solid results of inspecting rectification Help the "14th Five-Year Plan" and struggle to write a new chapter in the new era of high quality development. The patrol local and units also announced the contact information such as an email address to accept the implementation of the majority of cadres and the implementation of the inspection and rectification. details as follows:.


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