Yin Le:You are best before

Time is still very abundant。
Put down your phone,If he thought。
Commonly discovered murder case,Most of them are out of control.,Lack of sensibility。
But if I don’t want to run a spring?。
The nature of this monster and the ancient people have become a human Tianshi who has become a big devil because of various reasons.,It is not allowed by the country of humans and monsters.,Does not affect the relationship between the two respections。Just http://www.bjwshd.cn this era human Tianshi just started,Not yet‘Big devil’Appear,Perhaps waiting for 10 years after 20 years,I will gradually have the beginning of getting the strength of the promotion.,Kill the human beings and monsters,It is still everyone who is still everyone.。
Zhou is thinking,Hand a group to Nan Ge:“I don’t go back to bedroom.,Go to school。”
“Why do you go??”Nan Ge’s consciousness。
“make money。”Circumference,“Yin Le is looking for me。”
“go Go。”
“Weekus goodbye!”
The voice of the group crispy made him smile from independent.,Also answer:
Zhouzhi just wanted to go,Suddenly, someone caught his trousers.。
Look down at a look,I saw a whiten net and clean flexible arm.,A staring at his buns,The finger is holding his trousers because it looks more.。
“cousin,Still people??”
Zhouzhi silently looked at Nan Ge。
Nanbang is very fierce:“You will not find a boyfriend.?”
Bunzi lightning is retracted,very sad。
Come in her impression has always had money.,The ability to make money is far more than her,And he is often talking in love.,Needless to set up stalls,Don’t go to work,It is definitely easy to make a lot of money easily.,You can eat well for money……So she felt that she missed a chance.。
Zhou leaves the school http://www.space-key.cn away,Sequenimation。
It’s too lazy to type。
Just entering the unmanned wood,A old monster appeared in front。
Today’s old monster is a thirteen-year-old Loli,Height about Mo Yimei five,Leg thin arms fine,Have a delicate cartoon girl,At first glance, like a plastic doll。
The old monster is sitting on the branch.,Looking at him,Tone:“I will go with you.,But will not shoot,You now progress so much……Dealing with such a garbage monster should be a generous thing,Moreover, there are other little guys and the monsters of the land.。”
Said him:“But your bonus is still half of me.。”
Zhou Zhihe。
He heard the sour taste in the old monster tone,He slightly thinks,I feel that I should progress quickly.,Gradually narrowed with the force gap between him,This makes it a bit http://www.szroom8.cn uncomfortable in the heart of the old grandfather in the big devil and the novel.。
Looking up at a glance。
Zhouzhi instantly recovered his attention,Dark thinking in your heart,Loli on the Internet wear white silk,Why is the old monster not worn??
Don’t want to think……
He quickly slammed out these thoughts。


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