And Luo Feng also got up and left with interest。

“Clang clang~”
A sweet voice came from a room。
Live on earth【Yuzhang City】In a villa,Neighbors around feel that‘Old man li’Is a very weird person,Live in a villa,Beat every day,But he didn’t see his children visiting。
These ordinary rich people on earth,Can’t guess at all,This one‘Old man li’What kind of person is it。
“Ding Dong~Jingle~”
Slightly twist the lower skin,Li Ming who made his appearance very old,Holding a small hammer in hand,A cube shaped like a Rubik’s cube is beating meticulously。
This little hammer looks ordinary,Iron hammer,Wood handle—But actually,But it’s also a heavy treasure with a high level。
Every time Li Ming beats,The power of a bone world turned into countless ultra-miniature worlds,Into this magical cube。
Countless worlds,Most of them are like bubble phantoms,There are countless ultra-morphological worlds appearing and disappearing in every breath。
But every time,The implied world power is partially deposited,In the end, there are always very few worlds under the influence of these precipitation forces,Longer birth and death cycle。
One second,one cent,A moment。
Always at,There is another ultra-miniature world that exists stably,And draw on Li Ming’s power of the world and continue to grow,Form a normal world。
And this realm master world carries a secluded channel,There are five-color streamers running in this pipeline,Vaguely connected to the origin of the universe。
A world of the realm of normal size,The final number is also increasing。
Before Li Ming’s refining,There have been thousands of worlds。
And finally,The number of these worlds has reached a special number。
“Ding Ding Ding~”


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