“This……I’m a little careful!”

Suoyi went to get another card,Said with a smile。
There is a small note on the back of the card,Inside is the password!
“After it’s done,You put the commission on my card……sometimes,Help is not a question of money or money,But favor!”Fang Yu sighed。
“I know!”
Suoyi knows,I asked Fang Yu for his account and name。
It will be done tomorrow。
Give Fang Yu a sum of money immediately!
Fang Yu is their great benefactor!
“Row,I’ll go back first!”
Fang Yu said。
“It’s not early……Pick a car in the garage and drive back,It’s a meeting gift for you!”Suo Yi said boldly。
“I drank……Hard to drive!and,I can take a taxi!”
Fang Yu shook his head。
No car!
Fang Yu wants a car,Can afford now。


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