Took a deep breath,Calmed down a bit,Suddenly I saw the shadow of the person in front of me flashed,The light of the sword slashed head-on like a nine-day waterfall! But the scholar has more combat experience,Marvel at Chen Xiu’s magical step,Cut again。

Chen Xiu’s step just like a falling leaf fluttering in the wind was all forced out under the crisis,Let him do it again now,How can he never take such a magical step。
The small sword in the space bag appeared in Chen Xiu’s hand and touched the steel knife,Chen Xiu’s physical strength is comparable to a half-step Innate Realm master with the blessing of Zhen Qi,But still not as good,I just quit,There is a long trace on the ground。
And the steel knife in the scholar’s hand was suddenly broken into two pieces,He was taken aback:“How could this be!Who is mine? A hundred steel knives made of thousand-year-old ice and mysterious iron,Invincible,How can it be better than his hands‘toy’?”
Stare,I saw that the little sword in Chen Xiu’s hand didn’t have any dazzling color at all,Nothing looks like a magic weapon,But I am more surprised:“Is it……This is the legendary flying sword?
Correct,Must be flying sword! Only Flying Sword can cut off my Hundred Steel Knife so easily!”
The scholar changed his expression,Still have the broken knife in his hand,Stepped to the side of Chen Xiu,Raise your leg again,People are behind Chen Xiu again,The big hand snatched the flying sword in Chen Xiu’s hand,More joy in my heart:“Today is really lucky,I can get a flying sword and I can sleep with a wealthy daughter!”
Chen Xiu backhanded,Facing his palm,The scholar is afraid of the sharpness of the flying sword and can only move his feet,Turned to the other side of Chen Xiu,But he is fast,Chen Xiu is dissatisfied,Shuriken stabbed repeatedly,Forcing him to switch positions again and again。
that’s it,The scholar is centered on Chen Xiu,Circled,And the step is getting bigger and bigger,The circle turns faster and faster,His figure was blurred in the blink of an eye,Can’t see clearly,But he is fast,Chen Xiu is at the midpoint of the circle,Just move gently,A single sword can force the scholar’s offensive back。
The scholar returned without success several attacks,More anger in my heart,Suddenly opened his mouth and screamed,The voice is like a dragon,Like a tiger roar,Strong and long,It shook everyone’s ears,Even the branches and leaves on the nearby trees tremble slightly。
After Chen Xiu heard the howling,Was shocked,The hand movements are also much slower。
“It’s now!”
The scholar pounced on Chen Xiu again,Raise the knife high and slash it towards Chen Xiu’s head,And Chen Xiu raised his hands and fingers to his chest,Was in a strange pose,Struggling to shake。
Look at its trembling strenuously,It’s as if every finger involves a thousand catties。
“Where’s Feijian?”
Just when the scholar discovered that the flying sword in Chen Xiu’s hand was missing,Suddenly there was a sound from behind“From”Loud hum,Then he saw the face of his subordinates on the opposite side suddenly changed,They yelled almost simultaneously“Be careful”。
The scholar was surprised,He sprinted to the left in a hurry,While looking sideways。


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