Year of the wolf?In addition to Wild Wolf Disco, which song was sung many times

Year of the wolf?In addition to “Wild Wolf Disco”, which song was sung many times
The battle situation in the 2020 New Year’s Eve is fierce. Six David saw a lot of scenes after a scuffle.Among them, “Ouyang Nana misunderstanding”, “Dili Reba singing and jumping”, “Zhang Liangying sang eight songs” and so on have seized Weibo hot search; and as the hottest rap single in 2019, Hunan, Dongfang, Jiangsu, BeijingFour Davids sang “Wild Wolf Disco” at the same time, which was dubbed by netizens as “This Year of the Wolf.””Wild Wolf Disco” is not the only song “scrambled” by TV stations.Sauna Nights has compiled a list of programs for the 2020 New Year ‘s Eve Party. Songs such as “My Motherland”, “Legend” and “Warm Nursing” have appeared many times that night; the Golden Songs of the 1980s and 1990s took up a lot of space.Looking at the 2018-2020 New Year’s Eve program list, the golden songs such as “The Sound of Snow Falling”, “Chaser of Light” and “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” are almost “must be sung every year”.Which one do you like best?Song statistics for the 2020 New Year ‘s Eve party and the charting of the most-sung songs in the past three years / Sauna Night Net Chen Dong ‘s song copyright fee is higher than that of individual artists. Why do some songs appear every year during the New Year ‘s Eve?How to choose the songs for the New Year’s Eve party?This, a platform artist who co-ordinated Ahua told the sauna night network, some of the songs selected by the artist during the New Year ‘s Eve party were selected by the artist themselves, and some were selected by the director ‘s group; while during the song selection, some singers will choose to sing this year.The newly released work, the director group gradually suggested to sing some golden music skewers, “After all, the New Year is still a relatively family-friendly event.”About why some songs have appeared frequently in the New Year’s Eve party for many years, and senior artists coordinated the copying of the small T. Artists can sometimes only sing songs that can be done by the copyright company of the platform.” Now the copyright fees of songs are higher than the individual artists’ single performance.There are tens of thousands, 100,000, 200,000, and 300,000 of the first sky-high price; others are not allowed to be adapted at all.”For example, if an overseas artist comes to China, if he can’t sing his own song and can only sing a Chinese song, the director group can only choose one from the copyrighted songs.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Zhai Yongjun


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