The big dream in "an acre" (China Dream China)

  "One acre" can do it? For agricultural technology workers like I have a 28-year-old, "an acre" is the vast world of officers. I still remember the 2017 test new technology, the folks were not very enthusiastic, because farming "one acre of the top more to make a five or six hundred".

In the past four years, with the promotion practice of new technologies, more and more villagers have tasted the sweetness of technology, and they have a pocket.

Now, everyone pays attention to the new varieties in the test field, and the registration will be registered. Because long in the countryside, busy in the fields, some people say that I am a local "Tian Xiucai".

It is the dream that I have always made by the folks.

Cultivate red rice, breed colorful rice, research regeneration rice high-yield cultivation … I tried to promote new technology, driving agricultural production, farmers’ income. After the poverty aroma, I decided to take off the villagers.

We have strived, comprehensive results, and form an "an acre of the poverty" experience. Farmers use rice mushroom circulating ecological planting, spring can grow high-quality special rice, after autumn harvest, can be straw into nutrients to cultivate the red pizza blast, realize "spring rice jack, autumn mushrooms".

This experience is promoted in many places in the city with a low performance, low efficiency, high efficiency, and operation. "One acre" is welcome? In fact, agriculture is inserted with scientific wings. Quality and prosperous farmers, green hunting farmers, brand strong farmers, strengthening science and technology support is the key. I focus on the goal of "Tibetan Full, Tibetan Food Beads", we deeply farm "an acre farm", and strive to develop more efficient varieties that adapt to farmers’ cultivation. At present, we build an agricultural technology product incubation park, trial new technologies, new models, and promote it out. There is no end point for the people. I always don’t have enough in the field.

These years, I also developed their own habits: work desk, farmers, test fields, "three points" are normal, one pair of rain boots, and a straw hat is standard. In recent years, in order to let the new technologies fall in effect, my footsteps are more secret: training farmers more than 20,000 people, and promote new technology new models of more than 100,000 mu, helping farmers to achieve income … The smile on the face of the folks is For my biggest award. Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages, "an acre farm" has no small potential to dig. I have launched the "School of Agricultural Cooperation" with the town center primary school, and the school is responsible for the venue and organization. I will provide variety, technology and training, put the colorful rice, black peanuts, mushrooms into the campus, and "species" out Three teaching textbooks are welcomed by teachers and students, parents. Country revitalization from the doll, from the small cultivation of agricultural farmers, it seems that "an acre of the field" role! (The author is a agronomician, the agricultural comprehensive service center of the Town Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province.


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