Suqian Su Yu: Red Reading Party History Condensation

Enterprise employees read Red Books in "Su Yuhong Book" in Suqian High-tech Zone.

Zhang Xue Li took a red reading into the enterprise, the classics, the power of the Poly Power, located at the "Suyu Red Book" of the non-public corporate party group service in Suqian High-tech Zone, and the surrounding enterprises have come in to read the card. "After the general lunch time, I will come to read the book, see the struggle of the ancestors, I feel full of energy in the afternoon.

Zhao Fang, the employee of Jiangsu Point Information Technology Co., Ltd., said. Reading red classic and draws the revolutionary power.

Red Reading is an important starter for employees who have co-concentrated parks in Suyu and stimulate strength.

In the park building, set the red book to read the micro-vault, and move the party history to the public leisure space of the enterprise employee. It is reported that Su Yu has set up more than 100 enterprises in three parks. " "Party history reading" and other red books reading positions, and relying on the organic combination of red story preaching and red reading promotion, the struggle and red story in the history of the 100-year party, triggered the work of the workers and sweetness, and excited Love the party patriotic enthusiasm, and strokes the sweat. (Zhou Jiahui Zhang Xiaofan He Sai Zhang Xueli) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.


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