He in the hill cave,Decorated with firewood into a small house。

There is everything about his childhood.。
Before receiving the summer snow phone,He has always thought,No one knows the secret base of his own。
Self-laugh,Looked up,Pearly close the photo on the tombstone before the grave。
Old man in memory,An old man who will be severely severe in addition to forcing his own practice,Timeline,He is an old child。
He likes to be lively,I will even be like a child.。
but,In the eyes of people in the village,Old man with a quirky old man。
Who has a small disease,Will go to the mountain to ask the old man to see a doctor,I don’t give money.,Some even I don’t know gratitude,Maybe it will maliciously。
But the http://www.11yiyi.cn old man will never care,But everything is being,As long as you can do it,Will promise。
Some past events are generally flowing in the summer mind.,Looking at the photo of the elderly,His look complex。
“Xiao Tian,You have to remember,people,Be sure to have a chest,Can’t give more than some small things,Dark resentment。”
“so,Men should be a mountain,A sea。Be both thick,Also deep。”
“We must know how to be grateful,I have to know the eye,Also remember,Schhen does not ask,Don’t regret it with people。Use two sentences to summarize,What is called, I can’t forget,Schien is not available。”
“There is also the most important point,Outsturn to the bottom line at any time,Never let hate occupy your heart。”
memory,Like the flood of the gate,Can’t stop。
Those the truth,From the sensibility, accompany him with him.。
This is also,The old man gives him the right outlook and values,Take the character of the summer today。
“Old man,You are afraid that one day I will become a bad guy.……”
Summer smiling,The old man in the photo also smiled。
Their eyes seem to meet in meditation,Beyond life and death。
Convergence thoughts,Summer open envelope,Take a flourish paper from the inside。
Familiar brush small characters。
“Xiao Tian,Let you go to school,Is my ultimate decision,Forgive Master’s harsh,But life is like this,Every eagle will have a flying process,It is also an inevitable experience……”“Let you leave alone,I didn’t even go to the station to send you.,Instead, I wrote this letter.,I don’t know when,You will see this letter,Maybe when I think it can be,Hand it http://www.805man.cn hand to you,Maybe after my death,Tell you by Snow,But no matter what,I am very pleased
I can finally see this letter.,Because,the you now,Already a man with a well……”
“Remember what I said??Alert,Should be open-minded,Profound,Chest like a mountain sea,Never be hateful and mindful。”
“it’s here,Master apologizes to you,one thing,I have been holding you.,That is your parents’ things.,child,promise me,No matter what you will see next,Never resent your parents!”
“before this,First talk about one thing first,if you are willing to,Tell the small snow bar,She is not my daughter,Just abandonment baby I got on the roadside,She is already dying at the time.……”
“Your father has passed away,And your mother is also suffering from hitting,Life and death,then……”
A long letter,Full five pages。
There is no expression http://www.gps116.cn in the summer, I have read it again.,Until final,A word of one word is detailed。


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