The picture shows a cylindrical vessel the size of a kettle,The light green solution is about two-thirds of the height,There is a very strange meat ball inside,Adult fists,A long tail,Like a very large tadpole。

The dark red flesh color brings pressure to people’s vision,May be the cause of the light,The instructor noticed that the surface of the meat ball is distributed with large and small short columnar bumps,Some seem to be squirming,And there are two very fuzzy ring bumps on the lower part of the meat ball,When the flashlight is near here,Those two bumps immediately protruded,After the epidermis is separated, there is a pair of white fascia like eyes。
This change not only surprised the instructor,It also made Li Tianchou who was close at hand take a step back subconsciously.,Judging by the rapid shaking of the lens,‘Walker’I’m afraid I’m not as calm as an instructor。
In the next shot,Several consecutive vessels are filled with strangely shaped rotten meat like this,There doesn’t seem to be anything alive,But made the instructor feel the strong impact and evil。
“not enough,‘Walker’,not enough!”The instructor muttered to himself,It seems to cheer up Li Tianchou,He subconsciously reached out and grabbed the teacup,Pour a sip of water into your mouth,Immediately let him spray a desktop,Fortunately, the display is not affected。
at last,Something shocking was found in the fourth room,The glassware like a water tank is surrounded by thick iron railings,One already formed in the solution‘Predator’Curled up at the bottom of the vessel,The fierce sharp kiss and sharp claws made Li Tianchou almost exclaimed。
This predator is a lap larger than the one he has encountered in the jungle,And the sharp kiss is slowly curved upwards,This change makes it more aggressive and biting,The sharp claws are also more prominent,Like four shining miniature scimitars,Daunting。
The lens rotates slowly,Take pictures of the indoor scene ring,What made the instructor take a breath is that there are nine large vessels,Inside are all evil and ferocious predators,This secret room is the ultimate place to breed this aggressive mutant creature。
So far,The four secret rooms on the left side of the corridor have all been explored,So is the right side even more surprising?Li Tianchou carefully closed the door and left,Stopped in front of the door of the last secret room on the right。
Surprised him,Then I feel dangerous,There is a small icon on the upper center of the door,The content of the icon is an internationally accepted dangerous goods mark,skull!
Li Tianchou hesitated to break in,The instructor also saw the icon on the screen,Suddenly tense,Muttering to myself as if I was there,“I’m afraid this is the point”,He immediately thought of the biochemical virus that caused Wu Fang to be isolated。
In the lens,The white hand finally held the door handle,Just less than a second,Suddenly released,Then the picture began to flicker quickly,There was a violent shaking just after a certain frame,Then the camera has been switching in a mess,Don’t know what happened。
bad,Still found by the other party!The instructor quickly reacted,The picture that was frozen just now,He caught a few extremely vague figures,Facing the camera,Although it seems that there is still some distance,But Li Tianchou must be blocked by someone at the moment.!
The lens has not closed,But it keeps shaking violently,Can no longer distinguish the complete picture。After a brief shock,The instructor quickly calmed down,He took the keyboard and mouse,Clicked an icon at the bottom of the screen,Then quickly entered a string of codes。
Then he took out his cell phone and dialed Gu Jian’s number,The other party seems to be still asleep,But the instructor has no time to take care of,“Command your group,One counts one,Move immediately to the southwest of the border,Respond well‘Jackdaw’Preparation。He will give you the coordinates,Right now。”
After hanging up,The instructor called Xu Wen again,“The monitoring around the tunnel is immediately handed over to Cui Gang,All your people withdraw to the periphery,Prepare for the round up of Lao Lai。”
One call is very fast,Intensive task assignment,After dropping the phone,The instructor’s eyes are cast again to the dazzling flash screen,seem‘Walker’Running fast,Too bad I can’t hear the sound,It should have gone through a short and intense fight before。
The run lasted tens of seconds,The picture is bright and dark,It seems that Li Tianchou has left the wide corridor。Suddenly the camera freezes,The picture becomes clear again,A masked black man appeared before his eyes,Poke there like a javelin,Tightly sealed the narrow aisle。


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