The killing in another world before,The psychological pressure on him is considerable。

Wang Hong wanted to rest on Earth Star,Adjust,But now it seems we have to go as soon as possible,Otherwise he can’t go back to his hometown。
I didn’t have anything to bring this time,The battle of the camp and the joint caravan are set。
Since Wang Hong smashed a bloody road,Liu Xuan led his men into the battlefield,The balance of power on both sides has been completely broken,The failure of the robbers is only a matter of time,Don’t need him to intervene。
Wang Hong changed into an ancient costume,Soon reappeared outside the camp。
He threw the weapon on the ground first,And all other items。After finishing a bit,Wang Hong did not rush into the battlefield,But found a high ground,Calmly observing the situation inside the camp。
The form on the battlefield is just as Wang Hong expected,Bai Qikou, the backbone of the thieves, lost more than half,The strongest Li Baiqi almost lost his combat effectiveness,Makes the strength gap between thieves and caravans evened。
Plus“Weapons of mass destruction”usage of,At this moment, the caravan has the upper hand regardless of number or momentum。
However, there are more robber masters,Seven posthumous warriors died, one abolished one,Two of the remaining five were seriously injured by Fu Lu。
But the acquired martial artist has strong vitality,The two seriously injured masters did not lose their combat effectiveness,Still active on the battlefield at the moment。
On the caravan’s side, there are only two acquired martial artists, Tong Weitou and Xu Dongjia.,It’s quite a loss to fight。
Under normal circumstances,The gap between the forging martial artist and the acquired martial artist is really big。
For example, in the forest,Facing the acquired man in black,Brother Xue Ning doesn’t have the power to fight back。
Even if they are both perfected,Have a strong heritage,Still hard to escape from the hands of the black man。
So now after Tong Biaotou and Xu Dong’s house are entangled,,The remaining three acquired robbers,Almost rampant,There are faint signs of turning the disadvantages over。
Wang Hong narrowed his eyes slightly,Enter the battlefield with a knife。
At this moment he is completely different from when he left,Before, I was covered with blood like a demon,Now after a few days of rest,The whole person is back to normal。
For a while,Bandits and caravan guards fighting forgotten,Almost no one noticed his arrival。


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