Real estate order rectification lasted in May, Guangzhou, a residential transaction, stable

Several new dishes in the near future of Haizhu District. Since April this year, Guangzhou City continued to introduce the "combination of punches" and safeguard the real estate market. NetEase Real Estate Data Center monitors Sunshine home data show that in May 2021, Guangzhou 1-hand residential network sign is 9,802 sets, fails to break 10,0990 sets from April. From the trend, the number of residential nets in Guangzhou has more than 10,000 new highs in December 2020, and the number of single months in April this year has fallen to 10,000 sets. The analysis of the research and development department of Guangzhou Zhongyuan believes that from mid-May, with a series of regulaled landing and follow-up impact, the market does have a more obvious cooling. During the first two days of "May 1" and the holidays, Guangzhou added more than 9,000 units accounted for about 70% new goods in May. After the "May 1" holiday, with market control, pre-sale certificates Slow down. Especially the two "hot zones" in Huangpu and Nansha, and the pre-sale certificate issued in May, and some projects are suspended. The content of the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently released on the rectification of the real estate market has shown that since April 19, the city’s housing and urban and rural construction bureaus jointly and the market supervision bureau, the financial office, the Education Bureau, the Provident Fund Management Center and other relevant departments. The city has been carried out for a three-month real estate market order special joint rectification action. The actions are intended to investigate and deal with real estate development enterprises and intermediaries unlicensed sales, false housing sales, false propaganda, do not follow the price of the price, the price increase, the price of the dispensing, induce the school, help the buyers, "business loans" and "Consumer loan" payment payment and other illegal violations. As of May 23, the city inspects 743 commercial housing projects, 687 intermediaries, and the publicity information discovered is incomplete, advertising publicity is not standardized, and illegal recognition, and induces the use of "operating loans" "consumption loan" and other funds. The behavior used to pay for the purchase price is not priced by the filing price, and the expiration of the filing has not been approved, and the business license is not obtained, and it is not true and accurate listing information. Supply: After the regulation in April, Zengcheng New Good Express highlights the successful launch of all precision regulation policies in April, according to the statistics of the Guangzhou Central Plains Research Development Department, in May, the new batch supply is more than 10%, but the overall market supply is reduced In the case, the city is "a branch", and the accumulation has launched more than 300,000 square meters and reaches 3,600 units.

Because the residential product of HMS is lower, it is also a time to have more choices for buyers in May. At the same time, Nansha, Huangpu, Panyu and Tianhe’s new increase in May, Nansha has approximately 150,000 square meters of residential area into the market, Huangpu has only about 100,000 square meters, and Panyu is less than 70,000 square meters. The Tianhe is only about 10,000 square meters.

  Transaction: "Hot Zone" brakes Huangpu, Nansha May 5% of Huangpu and Nansha before the market, the market is more concerned, and the online signage has decreased significantly in May. According to the NetEase Real Estate Data Center, the sun is displayed, and the number of net signed sets in the Huangpu District in May is 1019 sets, which fell in the previous month.

Part of the project started from March, but also because the pre-sale certificate issuance and pricing issues will be extended to open, and the online sign data of Huangpu in May. Nansha also has out of stock due to partial hot plates, and the overall net sign in May is less than 150,000 square meters in May, less than 1400 units. At present, the project is mainly concentrated in Hengli Finish Island and Wanjing.

  The city center is worth mentioning that the new goods in Haizhu District have recently increased significantly. Relatively speaking, a few years ago widely focused on the extent, the new disk sales end of the new disk.

The Haizhu District is in the waterway of the Zhujiang River. Several new dishes have emerged soon this year, driving Haizhu District’s online signage to maintain steady, and also let the city center improved buyers, more High quality first-hand residential products can be selected.

  Stock: The transaction slows slowly, the deformation cycle is then shown in the Guangzhou Central Plains Research Development Department, as of the end of May, the city’s stock has exceeded 8 million square meters, and the deformation cycle is about a month. Since the second half of May, it began to reduce the volume reduction, so that the deformation cycle of Guangzhou property market has been raised again.

This is also the gradual fall of the inventory cycle, and there is a sign of rebound in April this year. From the perspective of each district, Huangpu has the shortest deformation cycle, only less than 3 months, the deformation cycle of Tianhe and Haizhu is also below 5 months.

The deposit period of white clouds and coincidence is longer, more than 10 months.

  Outlook: In June, the volume will continue to take low quality projects. It is still worth noting to look forward to the June, expected regulatory policies and multi-sectoral rectification, the impact of the city’s transactions will continue. In June, the city’s network sign may be lowered to 8,000 sets or below.

From the perspective of buyers, you will also appear in the psychology, especially if there is a regulation expectation in the market, you may want to wait until the price is reasonable and then entering the market. However, at present, in different sectors, there are many high-quality projects such as planning, transportation and landscapes, and still inspire the buyer’s purchase enthusiasm. Especially in the case of slowing the new rhythm, there is a clear business intention. Buyers, should still pay attention to the dynamics of quality projects, to achieve their own purchase or exchange plan.

(Text / Figure Reporter Chen Bai Fan).


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