The green life essence in the body,He found that it is not always stored.,But as the operation of the practice is also consumed,But there is not much consumption.。

Strong day is empty,Zhou Shengjie sent a few experts from the experts.,I will come over and find Li Hui Feng.。
Distance from more than 100 meters,Li Hui’s first time, I found Zhou Shengjie’s arrival.,Stop absorbing the vitality of those bugs。
“Xiao Li.,How’s it going?”
See what Li Hui Feng stands next to a five-year old fruit.,Zhou Shengjie is also a little puzzled plus wind to manage these base seedlings.,After all, he didn’t see that Li Hui Feng has any actual action.,In addition to pouring the vibrant into the lake water, there is no other way.。
“hehe,Zhou Shu,This piece can be watered,The seven or eight eights of those who are insects,You can find a few people from using lake water.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s scope,Zhou Shengjie is not too much to believe。
Previously, Li Hui also said that it would be about a week.,It’s more than half this morning.?
“Xiao Li,You mean that I can watered more than half of this base.?
Do you not say a week before??”
“Hey-hey,I didn’t expect that these bugs will kill so fast.,And still a chain reaction,A dead,It seems that follows the dead。”
Zhou Shengjie has a little suspected of hesitation about Li Hui’s style.,But because of the things that Li Hui’s face is blocked before,He immediately didn’t ask more,I directly called people to be irrigated.。
“Row,Xiao Li, you have said that it is definitely it is fine.,Let it go,This is noon.,I invite you to eat a meal.。”
Facing the enthusiasm of Zhou Shengjie,Li Hui is not good to refuse。
“That’s more thanks.。”
“How is your kid so polite?,With Zhou Shu, don’t have to use this guest,When a family is good,Let it go,what do you want to eat,I’ll take you。”
Say this,Zhou Shengjie gave Zhou Miao a phone,Let her have a meal together。
For your daughter, he still understands.,Since he is back with Li,Actually a lot of well,This is the person who is not a daughter.。
According to his understanding of his daughter,Yesterday, Li Hui refused to let her send it.,How can I have to let Li have a bitterness?,However, when I sent Li with the wind, I didn’t have a figure.。
Zhou Miao also did not expect his father, the big afternoon will be invited to eat.,And also with Li Hui,Thinking that Li Hui’s style is generally like,She doesn’t play it.。
When I found a mature dress that she didn’t worry about directly on weekdays,Then, according to the place agreed with Dad, go directly to the place.。
“Xiao Li.,This is the best hotel in our county.,Although only three-star level,But the dishes are complete,Service level is also a first-class。”
Zhou Shengjie introduced,I want to find a private room,But the hotel business is hot,There is no idle room between the package.,In addition, it is the peak period of eating at noon.,More let the private room are scheduled to be full。
“Zhou Shu,Anyway, we have two people,Let us find a place to eat.,No need to private。”
“who said it,There is a seedlings,She also came over later,However, since you are not discarded outside,That is also very happy to be more fun.,This child has no mother from a small child.,I am getting people。”
I heard Zhou Shengjie,Li Hui Feng or the first time I knew that Zhou Miao Miao did not have a mother.,But this private problem, he naturally doesn’t ask more.,But directly praise the seedlings。
“Zhou girl, your education is very good.,Zhili,And it is very powerful for people.,The most important thing is not afraid of things,These but the general girl is not。”
“Hahaha, you said that you are not afraid of me.,You said that you can know that you can do it.。”
Speech,Li Hui, with Zhou Shengjie, the guests who saw a few tables next to him have diverted their attention.。
Chapter 55
Come to see people,Zhou Shengjie is a glimpse with Li Hui。


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