Five Fingers,Tathagata polish him,Westbound all the way,He was banned from divine power,Li Ming as an old man also pointed him,The monkey has a golden eye,But that magical power is better than his《Candle Dragon Eye》Still a bit worse。

Canopy Marshal Pig Gono、Sha Wujing、White Dragon Horse,Li Ming has been instructed。
The Antiquity Battle,The first two have already stepped into the true gods,Even Monkey Sun is already the top true god’s combat power,Nature saved his life。
The last three,But it fell in the hands of the infinite door,This also caused endless hatred between the two and Wujianmen。
“Two Taoists,Not in Buddhism today,Why are you here??”
Tang Sanzang,Although the current killing intent,Incompatible with Formen,Even criticized by Maitreya as‘Demon monk’,But after all, it’s the merit buddha appointed by Tathagata。
Sun Xingzhe,Fight for Buddhism and defeat Buddha,Is one of the leaders of Yaozu。
“Come here,Naturally, I thank Senior Candle Dragon for killing the old man,Revenge for my three poor disciples!”Tang San buried a handsome monk,But there is a trace of blood on the eyebrow,But it’s a bit close。
“Jiang Liuer,Look at you now,I still regret giving you the method。”Li Ming does regret it。
When I killed the old man of Yinfeng,After all, his strength is not too exaggerated,It’s not too clear to see Tang Sanzang。
From today’s vision,The depth of sin in Tang Sanzang,Not even too much less than the Daozu Demon Hand。And that incredible breath。
In a sense,Tang Sanzang has entered the magic way。
“Seniors regret,The poor monk does not regret!”Tang San worshipped,“If it’s not the gift of the senior,I couldn’t kill a few infinite powers back then,Maybe I have to fall。”
“stop bullshitting。Jiang Liuer, you see me today,Is looking for me to help deal with Wujianmen?I can’t help you!”About the purpose of this Tang San’s funeral,Li Ming can guess how much,But he refused。


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