Donna,Hurriedly waved his hand and said:“No way,I have a free bill for my birthday。The matter between you and President Xia,Do it yourself,Don’t pull me in。If you have to do this,Your place,We won’t come anymore”

“OK OK,One horse to one horse,Get rid of!Don’t make others wait in a hurry”Wang Yihua said anxiously。
Everyone hurriedly walked out the door。Lan Ling sent them outside,He beckoned Chen Na into the room。She closed the door and said:“It’s so lucky tonight,Met a great man in Pingdu”
“You mean, Brother Wang, this matter is still unfair tonight?”Chen Na asked a little puzzled。
Lan Ling sighed and said:“What to do。The brother Lei who came just now seems to be a real great man in Qingshan County,He is the master of Luo Liuzi,He doesn’t put Wang Youcai in his eyes at all,Had it not been for Mr. Xia,,I really don’t know how this will end tonight”
“Didn’t Brother Wang bring so many people here??Can’t beat them”Chen Na is still a little bit clueless。
Lan Ling sighed and said:“You seem to be a futile all these years?We are in business,As the so-called harmony makes money。What’s so good about fighting,What can we do if so many people can’t kill them??Even if it’s not dead,Handicapped,Didn’t we do it for nothing?”
“so,Reconciliation is the best way。Of course,No one with a car,This matter can’t be negotiated。I didn’t expect President Xia to be so good,I knew this,I should visit him early”Lan Ling said,Fell into contemplation。
Chen Na nodded thoughtfully:“Sister Lan said,We came out and mixed,Not many people covered,It’s really not easy”
“All right,Luo Liuzi might send two people to protect the place tomorrow night,You arrange specific work for them,And make clear our requirements here,Do you understand what i said?Don’t want them,We now have President Xia backing,The waist can’t be soft”Lan Ling is very domineering。
Finished arrangements for Chen Na,Lan Ling took out her phone,I immediately called the boss Wen Shuilong,Take what happened tonight,Reported carefully to the boss from beginning to end。
Lan Ling’s report after Wen Shuilong listened,Immediately agreed,He wants to visit Xia Jian himself。


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