How can Xiaobai not degenerate,I wish Minglang you can try it。

Taxes in a city,You can trade silkworms from several mountains……amount,Why do I use silkworms as my unit?,So no future。
“Fish monsters begin to flood in Lichuan Lake,Late night mating, crying, noisy,Spawning on the shore is as hard as rock、Seriously affect the beauty of the college and Lichuan Lake,Even more arrogant fish monsters attacked the fisherman,Extremely bad……”
Zhu Minglang read this appointment。
Suppress the spotted blue fish monster!
This is an awkward appointment。
Dragon Shepherd with True Dragon,Disdain to do this kind of cleansing the little demon spirit,Little demon spirits have their own way of escape and instinct to avoid the strong,One dragon to do this kind of thing,Very time consuming,The pay is not high。
And inside the young dragon,On the one hand,On the one hand, we must have a keen ability to kill,Most young dragons are not competent,Maybe they will be besieged and killed by shoals of fish monsters。
It just so happens that the crocodile dragon is a good player at hunting fish!
Every afternoon is the time for the little crocodile dragon to train,Strengthen your physique while relying on waterfall rapids,While hunting these grouper monsters,The best of both worlds!
“Half a month,Then the little black tooth has a clear direction for exercise in the past half month,To complete successfully,You can also get a grain of sand。”Zhu Minglang has a smile on his face。
training,Make money,Both right!
Get this grain of sand,Can greatly alleviate this food crisis!
This is live!!
First15chapter Wit and courage
The dry and cold autumn climate makes every ray of sunshine look so precious and warm。
Sparkling lake,A wooden trestle bridge extending into the lake,Zhu Minglang stands on the edge solemnly,Looking at the fast-moving spotted blue fish monsters in the water,I glanced at the little crocodile dragon who was slumped on the side and was about to turn his belly.。


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