Baishui County multi-sectoral joint action demolition unlicensed liquefied gas station

On November 16th, the newspaper has issued the article "A Liquid Gas Station without a LNG County for many years" has attracted the local county committee and county government highly attach great importance to the multi-sectoral action of Baishui County.Thoroughly remove and ban.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Baishu County Committee Propaganda Department. On November 16th, the county founded the Working Command of the Ministry of LCD, which was responsible for the main leadership, the construction of the government, organized public security, fire, market, emergency, law enforcement, Power, Wei Jian and other relevant departments jointly, forced demolition of Shengfeng LNG.

After more than 20 hours of continuous action, as of 17 o’clock on November 17, the equipment in the gas station has been removed, and all the four gas storage tanks have all been filled with water.

At present, the relevant departments are on site for finishing work.


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