Ornate turning between "one person alley"

  Original title: The gorgeous turn of "One-person Lane" is turned around for the past.

  After Xue Jing, it is the rebuilt grass city street. Walking in the spacious grass city street, a fresh cultural wall along the street gives people a good enjoyment.

The roadside spacious fitness area, swing, waist back massager, etc., and entertainment equipment.

"Who can think of it, here is a narrow, dangerous ‘one person alley’!" On the morning of October 27, the 60-year-old old resident Xue Jingyu will change the "one person alley".

  "’One person alley’ this word, re-image!" In Xue Jing, the grass city street is a north-south direction, and there is "S" shaped small street, the widest area is more than 4 meters, the narrowest is less than one meter. On both sides of the street, there are messy in the street, and the security is chaotic, single women do not dare to pass alone.

  Since 2018, Yingze Street and Youth Road a community began to transform here.

Today, the "one person lane" in the past is a 15-meter-wide road, which has become a microcirculation road in Yingze Street, Pazhou Road and Youth Road.

  In addition, there are also three characteristics of cultural walls. "Integrity Cultural Wall" in more than 50 meters, tells the story of six ancient and clean gangs, releases "honest positive energy", "hand painting wall" to bring beauty to residents. This year, more than 100 meters long "national anti-fraud publicity culture wall" has been added this year.

Not long ago, there was a new "red institute" in the street street and installed nearly 20 street lights.

  "Every transformation of the community solves the opinions of residents, our participation and happiness is greatly enhanced!" Said the 71-year-old old resident Wang Aimin said.

  "So far, ‘one people’s alley’ is basically over, but the footsteps of the people serve will never stop." Ji Li Na, the party secretary of Yingze Street Youth Road, said.

(Reporter Hou Huichen correspondent Lan Jiewu Yingwen / photo).


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