Let’s come to investigate this matter,I hope to report a http://www.ihumor.cn criminal,Scandal,Let him rope,Also pay you a fair。”

Women lit a few shots,Some hesitate:“You can really help us ask for fairness?”
Le Yao calm:“certainly,But this requires your cooperation,Can you interview you??”
Said,Can you still feel,Women are struggling,Then fruit broken teeth:“Can,I am willing to cooperate,I hope you can say it.,If you have something to say, let’s talk.。”
“Eh,it is good,After you。”Le Yao is happy to laugh。
Women attacked Le Yao to go to the house。
“You are waiting outside first.。”Have a lesson who was blocked last night,This trip is cautious,Have a lot of people,It’s obviously not suitable,A sentence,Only bring Yang Kai followed the house。
The house is not large in the house,Forty flat look,Be separated by an isolated,Branch,Wall yellow,Only a few furniture is still old,That is very simple,However, it is very clean in the house.。
The door is hidden,It can be seen through the half-open gates.,Sitting on the bed with a little girl,Probably the square is round,Twenty look,May be afraid,Secretly looked at the three people,It’s scared to curled up on the wall.。
Women are hurried to go in comfort:“Round,Don’t be afraid,These people are reporters,Is coming to help us,Not a bad person。”
Le Yao followed in,Self-introduction:“Are you a round??I am a city TV reporter,Le Yao。”
Fangyuan hugs women,Gring the head in her arms,Only show the gap, I’m glaring.,Not talking。
Women’s face with sorrow:“Since the last time,It is like this.,It is still good,But when you see your life, you will be afraid.,Don’t be blame you。”
“Aunt that is fine,We all understand。”Le Yao relocated one sentence。
“I remember you,You are a reporter who was last exposed to Xu Fei last time.。”Fang Yuan looked at Le Yao,Suddenly said。
Le Yao suddenly surprised:“it’s me,You also see news.?”
Fangyuan nodded,Stick her tightly,Date:“You said in the news,Xu Fei has already come out in advance.,is that true?”
Le Yao’s mouth,Some can’t bear to bear,But still as well:“it is true。”
“Why?Obviously sentenced,The sentence did not arrive at the sentence,Why do he come out in advance??Why?”Some of the rounds are difficult to accept,Like pain、Ask like an http://www.nwish.cnangry,Speech,The eyes have been filled with tears。
Wang Flow and others are all right,Yes,Why?
Victims have not recovered from the pain,What can I escape from punishment??
Women hug,Want to appease,But I can’t say anything.,Can only follow the tears。
Le Yao’s nose is sour,Red eyelid:“He is indeed coming in advance.,But you can rest assured,I will expose him.,Send him back。”
“is that useful?This time you can come out,Even if you send him back,I can come out next time he can come out.,Do you use these useful??”Square tears flash,Hats a thick question and self-department。
“it works。”Wang traffic:“He can come out,Because he has an umbrella,Our investigation,Just want to dig deep into the umbrella,If evidence is conclusive,More than him,His protective umbrella is also,No people asylum,Next time,He can’t come out again.。”http://www.hrbdyt.cn
Fangyuan looked at him,Semi-confident:“What you said is true.?”
Wang Li Zhengnao:“I swear,Absolutely true,But you should also think,Very difficult,I want to expose him,We need you to help cooperate。”
“What do you need me to do,Let’s talk directly.,As long as you can pull him,I must cooperate。”Fangyuan did not hesitate,Directly,Firm expression,It has formed a clear contrasticity with the just’s embarrassment.。
This is the power of hatred.……Wang Liu feels emotion,Mouth in the mouth:“Two things,First,We need you to write a letter of reporting,Expose him。”
“no problem,I will write now,Second??”Fangyuan directly,Asked。
Wang traffic is heard,Looking at her way:“second,We need to give you an interview,Please recall the victim of the time in detail.。”


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