“What do you see during the day??”

Entered the room,Fengyu straight white。
Turned to the room chair,Yun Qin pulled the mouth:“nothing,It’s just to see an acquaintance.。”
“People with you with you?”Phoenix is not awkward,Asked。
Yunqin’s lip,There is no talk。
Zoujia’s blood enmissions,She is going to report it.,No need to pull others。
Staring at the silent Yunqin,Feng Yuhe understood that Yunqin did not want to say more,Not forcing Yunqin。
“Left hand stretched out。”
Narrate,Yunqin looked up and looked into the phoenix。
See Yunqin does not move,Phoenix,Pull the left hand of Yunqin directly,Then,Bite your fingertips,Draw a few in the hands of Yun Qin。
Yun Qin’s slight eyebrow,Put back,Look at your left hand palm。
Obviously it is a bright red hand,When I saw Yunqin,Already gone。There is no bloody。
“What do you paint in my hand??”Yun Qin looks to Feng Yushu。
Feng Yuhe back to the fingers twisted,road:“Just a guard spell,When you encounter fatal dangers,Will play out to protect you http://www.growthfull.cn safe。”
Have this spell,He can rest assured。
“”Yun Qin looked at his palm,Hold a fist,I didn’t speak for a time.。
Phoenix is very good to her,She has always known this year.,only,She is not clear,This kind of good brother’s love for my sister,Or because she said that he pitted him.,Or the man is the kind of woman。
But at least,She should be grateful to him.。
Thank you,Jealous,It is also very cute!
Phoenix is no longer,Lift your big right hand,Put it in Yunqin’s head。A little smile in the eyes。
“You’re welcome,Teacher teacher,Originally。”
‘Teacher teacher’?
Not so complicated。
Yun Qin is tone,The hot big palm in the head smiles,Not talking。
The faint loss in my heart,It is directly neglected by Yunqin.。
the next day,Eating,Three people go to the road again。
that’s http://www.tal-intal.cn all,Walk all the way stop,Half a month later,Yunqin three people stopped in the periphery of Guangxi。
Wide purple forest,A lush wood,Look up,As if I can’t expect the end。
“Last come here last time,Still five years ago,I can’t think of it now.,The purple forest is not changed.!”Si Xiang, a face, miss。
Fengqi lifts the foot to go,“Next,You must go to the central area by your strength。I follow behind you.,Not shoot。”
Speech,Fengqiang’s figure has gradually faded,Can’t find a trace。
“Two brothers,How high is the strength of the master??This ghosts have nothing,It is also amazing.!”Yun Qin is close to the curiosity of Xiangxiang。
Ji Xiang smashed his head,road:“Hey-hey,I don’t know how much the master is。”
“But when I came to the extreme peak,Master’s strength,It seems that you can have a fight with Master.!It should be more powerful now.!”
Yun Qin is slightly surprised,Then a face of a fight against purple forest,“Um!Since the master is so powerful,We as a guest teacher teacher,How can it be too bad?!”
“Purple forest!Let’s come.!”
“right!Purple forest!Let’s come.!”Diwu Shu Sample Point to Purple Forest。
The two people are full of a full foot into the purple forest,Executive experience,About to start!


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