Xia Jian surprised,Busy asking:“what’s up?Panicked“

“It’s dinner time,The two mayors went to the dining hall to eat,I’ll call you two and send it up“Wei Xiaoming smiled and said。Looks a little cute。
Xia Jian glanced at Tong Jie and said:“That’s right, Xiao Wei,Quite winking。You make two meals,To my office。Mayor Tong hurried to wash,Change clothes。I’ll wait for you to come, let’s eat together,Let me ask you some questions by the way“
Tong Jie nodded and left。Wei Xiaoming laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!I just heard you talk about work anymore?Why should I talk while eating??“
“you’re so dumb!I don’t say that,She will definitely go to sleep“Xia Jian said,Triumphant smile。
First1783chapter Prepare in advance
? An unprecedented rainstorm,Come fast,Go fast。
Because Xia Jian arranged work for each village in advance,So except for the worst disaster in Xiahe Village,There is basically no loss in other villages。
This matter quickly went to the provincial newspaper。Pingdu City punished some relevant departments symbolically,Chen Jiang is also on the party committee,Do an oral review,This matter will not stop。
About Xiahe Village, Pingyang Town,Later Secretary Lu took over。From punishment to the village chief,And after the disaster,It’s all by him。Xia Jian saw that Secretary Lu could take the initiative to work,Very happy。Thus,He and Tong Jie are busy with their work again。
Tong Jie personally took care of the development of the tourist area of Pingyang Town。He took care of the daily affairs of the town,Of course,His burden on Xia Jian has always been very heavy。
Negotiations with Hu Huiru,Everything is ok,But who will control,Became the focus of contention between the two sides。Hu Huiru on this matter,Very tough attitude,But Pingyang Town is not giving way,This matter was put aside for a while。
What makes people happy is,One hundred trial goats in Xiping Village have been on the Southeast Mountain。Xia Zecheng and the two old people in the village also followed up the mountain,Xia Jian was a little worried,Went to the mountain in person。
Looked around,The heart that Xia Jian was holding was let go。Chen Erniu after these years of training,Strong working ability。In just a few days,The sheep shed at the foot of the mountain and the houses for the herders have all been built。Although it is a prefab house,The toilet is really well packed。
What makes Xia Jian a little unexpected is,Chen Erniu didn’t know where he got some local dogs,All tall。And it feels fierce。
What Xia Jian didn’t understand was,These local dogs can already listen to Xia Zecheng’s command。This made him have a different view of his father。
Chen Erniu who was with Xia Jian suddenly lowered his voice and asked:“If the trial breeding is successful,How many such goats are you going to raise at once?”


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