Xia Jian said,Push the car door and jump down。

First2234chapter On the verge of
The leader is He Xiaoxi,He is holding a sickle for mowing,Chong Xia Jian shook and said:“Don’t you have kung fu?Come and try the sickle,See if you can cut your tendons”
“He Xiaoxi,You are also 30 or 40 years old。There should be old,There are small,If you dare,Then you will spend the rest of your life in prison,Then you will have to hurt your wife and children”Xia Jiannai said to He Xiaoxi with Xinzi。
He Xiaoxi smiled arrogantly at Xia Jian:“I’m mowing the grass here with a sickle,You provoke me to defend me。and also,I tell you,I am not old,Wife left two years ago。Son goes out to work,I’m alone at home now,What can you do with me?”
He Xiaoxi gets more and more excited,Carrying a sickle and pushing up step by step。Xia Jian roared:“stop!He Xiaoxi,Who do you think you are?Do my own affairs still drag down my villagers??They’re as lonely as you?”
This is a mind attack。Xia Jian said this,Any group of people who followed He Xiaoxi stopped。He Xiaoxi takes a look,Can’t help but swear:“You bastards,I usually drink Laozi,Hide behind at the critical moment,Still human?”
Just when He Xiaoxi was accusing herself,Xia Jian looked back,Wang Lin has secretly retreated the car to the entrance of the village。Now he only needs to rush into the car,Wang Lin only gives directions,The car can rush into the village。
Maybe I can run out from the other side of the village。Xia Jian had an idea,So he said to He Xiaoxi:“Don’t be fooled by him,If the police come,Each of you will be implicated,Don’t think it’s a trivial matter,Look at the belongings in your hands”
Who is cowhide,Still afraid of the law。What’s more, He Xiaoxi’s group of people will only show off in front of the villagers。Face driving a car,With beauty,Xia Jian who understands the law。They themselves are afraid。Now that Xia Jian said,They are not messy。
When He Xiaoxi was arguing with this group of people,Xia Jianmeng turned around,Rushed into the jeep quickly。Wang Lin was ready,She waited for Xia Jiangang to get in the car,She banged the throttle。The car whirred,Rushed into the village。
He Xiaoxi who reacted yelled,Waving the sickle in his hand,With a few of the few parties,Chasing the jeep from a distance。
Although the jeep can’t run in the village,But compared to He Xiaoxi’s two fleshy feet,That’s a lot faster。Wang Lin driving the car,Passing through the middle of the village of Zhang He Lu。
This scared the old people in the village,And a bunch of children who came out to play。No one knows what happened,Why is there a car running in front,There are still people behind?
Zhang Helu Village is a pimp-like village。From South to Baizhai,And long and narrow from east to west。Xia Jian’s current route,It just happened to run from the east to the west of the village。
Wang Lin added fuel madly,Slammed the horn。For a time,The horn of this car resounded over Zhang Helu Village,It sounds a bit lingering。
Gradually,He Xiaoxi and the others are no longer behind the car。Xia Jian reminded Wang Lindao:“Slow down,Already dumped these people”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,His phone rang at this moment,He didn’t want to pick it up,But I still couldn’t help but took it out。
Yao Junli called,After Xia Jian connected, he said angrily:“what’s up?”


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