“Our fire magician,Not only has a strong attack power,Also has strong support capabilities,‘Eye of Flame’Can improve eyesight and see through invisible,When those dark magicians’ invisibility skills and wind magicians flew halfway up,You can shoot them down with a fireball!‘Passion of fire’Can improve a person’s strength and speed in all directions,Second only to light magic!‘Flame attachment’It’s also a magic that students who want a part-time fighter must firmly master!”Valles is full of spirits,The words contain the love for fire magic,The words are full of enthusiasm。”

The eyes of the children below are bright。
“of course,Those are ordinary,The legendary fire forbidden magic‘Skyfire Burning City’The ones with higher attack power are single taboo magic,And the forbidden magic with a larger range than him,Small area of lethality but not as powerful as him,Called the strongest destruction magic,And the legendary taboo magic‘Phoenix comes’,Can summon elemental puppets with combat power equivalent to Sanctuary Phoenix,And it’s not critical。”Valles has a high voice。
The young people below have their eyes wide open,Yearning for。
“If my fighter level increases in the future,Use fire and earth magic to increase defense and attack,that……”Wright’s heart moved。
But as I listened,Wright is also more and more interested in fire magic,Earth, Fire, Water and Wind Four Series,In essence, any system is as broad and profound as the ocean,The ocean of magic is vast,Wright couldn’t help but be deeply immersed in it。
At this time Wright also has a plan in his heart,Get up every morning to exercise warriors,Two lessons in the morning,Then exercise magic in the afternoon。As for the place to practice magic……Wright hasn’t improved academy these days,Ask Carl if there is a quieter place where you can calm down and practice。
Chapter 21 Five years
Spring goes and autumn comes,It’s been five years since Wright enrolled in Puang First Magic Academy。
In five years,Wright is like a hungry desert traveler,Eagerly learning the basic magician knowledge,In terms of the two elements of earth and fire magic,Wright’s cognition and strength continue to improve。After learning the magic spell,Wright practices meditation in the secluded woods outside the college every afternoon。
While fighters exercise,Although Wright soon discovered that the soldier training in the elective courses was extremely basic。
Strange to say,Since I started practicing magic,After increasing his mental power,Wright had strange dreams more and more frequently,These dreams are all related to the man who looks a lot like him,Sometimes fighting,Sometimes exercising,Seems to be running away more often。
With my continuous digging of dreams,Observe the man’s boxing moves,Gradually integrate some of his scattered boxing techniques into empty-handed combat moves‘Flame fist’,And some scattered exercise secrets,And creatively call one‘Meditation’The combination of mysticism and meditation,Although the improvement in meditation is extremely low,But you can exercise your physical fitness while meditating。Thanks to these strange combat skills,Wright’s current physical fitness,Steadily reached the level of a fourth-level fighter。
now,Wright sat cross-legged by the stream,Hands and feet up,Listening to the gurgling sound of the stream,Naturally enter the meditation state in the posture of meditation,Surrounding earth elements、The fire element is so clearly visible,Everything within ten meters of Wright,Are all clear。


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