The two chatted for a while,Director Mao personally sent Xia Jian out of the Public Security Bureau。 Such a toss,It’s time for lunch,Xia Jian stopped a taxi at the intersection,Go straight to the staff dormitory。

Xia Jianyi enters the canteen,It wasn’t time for dinner,Chef knows about Xia Jian,So he opened a small stove for him。When you go upstairs after dinner,Guo Meili and the others have not come back。
It’s time to boot,He can’t stay in the room every day,Otherwise it’s too passive。A small flat city,He was squeezed like this,Then why will he be in Bucheon in the future?。
Rest in bed for a while,He turned on the phone,Then I called Wang Lin,Tell her he can’t go back to Bucheon temporarily,Let her work hard for a few more days。Of course Wang Lin is a little unhappy,She wants Xia Jian to go back,Whether to work or not is another matter。
The two talked for a long time on the phone,Until someone knocks on the door,Xia Jian just hung up the phone。Open the door and have a look,I saw Guo Meili standing at the door,Her angry face。
“What’s going on here?Come in and talk!”Xia Jian pulled Guo Meili in,And closed the door。
Guo Meili looked at Xia Jian’s face carefully and said:“Not let you live in the village,You want to live,This is not just one night,Something happened,I was invited to the Public Security Bureau”
“You are wrong to say that,This is someone who framed me,Even if I don’t live in the village,The police will still invite me today。As the saying goes, black can’t be white,White and black,Even dyed,Still looks pretty。Didn’t I come back well??”Xia Jian said,Smiled at Guo Meili。
Guo Meili frowned tightly,She said after a long while:“How about this!I think Pingdu is not peaceful recently,You should go back to Bucheon first,When your body is completely fine,Come back again”
Women are sometimes timid,Xia Jian understands,But Guo Meili suddenly asked him to go back to Bucheon,This doesn’t seem to be her character。When he was hospitalized,Wang Lin wants to transfer him to Bucheon,But Guo Meili disagrees with a hundred,And it seems extremely domineering,What’s wrong with her now?
Xia Jian sat next to Guo Meili,Reached out and took her into his arms,Then whispered:“I won’t go back,Since someone in Pingdu wants to drive me away,Then i want to see,Who has such great ability”
Guo Meili fiercely pushed Xia Jianbu away*Said with divided hands:“I forgot to tell you something important,We are going to build a fruit selection factory in Pingdu,Stuck,I think there must be someone secretly making ghosts”
Xia Jianyi listen,Angrily scolded:“Bastard stuff!“
First0811chapter The woman said you haven’t given me money


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