At this moment,Sandou come out in a bath,More energetic,Just scared of people with red skin。He is excited “It’s so convenient to take a bath here。The water is too hot,Scald me,Do people in the city wash in such hot water??”

Wu Jianguo laughed,I’m sorry,I forgot to tell Sandou how to adjust the water temperature。
Chatted a few more words,Wu Jianguo looked at his watch:“Time is almost up,I’m going to take over,Will be back tomorrow morning。You just rest here,Improvise for one night。Okay for a while,Can walk outside,Buy some daily necessities,There is a supermarket nearby。and also,Tian Chou,Interview tomorrow morning at nine o’clock,I’ll accompany you at the end,This is my door key。”Explained,Wu Jianguo went out。
The interview went well the next morning,With Wu Jianguo’s help,Li Tianchou went through the entry formalities in the afternoon,And assigned to the dormitory。Although four people live together,But finally got a shelter in this new city。
Sandou’s work hasn’t settled yet,I had to make do with Wu Jianguo’s single dormitory temporarily。Fortunately, he is optimistic,No complaints。He is naturally hardworking,Clean up Wu Jianguo’s dormitory every day。
Three days of induction training passed in a flash,Security of the property is actually very simple:Visit the owner’s park every day,Prevent malicious acts such as robbery,Provide assistance to the owner within its capacity,Stand on guard once a week,There is another military training every week……This makes Li Tianchou full of passion unavoidably disappointed,But I didn’t pick and choose when I went out to work.,Besides, it’s not easy for the comrades to find the job for themselves,Take your time。
The three people in the same dormitory are from the countryside like Li Tianchou,Two of them are from nearby counties,Another one named Daqi comes from far awayHNprovince。And all demobilized soldiers。Everyone has a lot of common languages,get along well。Looking at the steel bunk bed for the first two days,Li Tianchou has an illusion,As if returning to the hot barracks。
Chapter Six Emergencies
A week later,Sandou’s work finally has an eye on it。Work as a temporary worker in the cleaning department,Monthly salary800yuan,Food and drink。According to Wu Jianguo,This arrangement is only a temporary transition,Just work hard,In less than a year, he will be converted into a formal contract worker。
However, temporary workers cannot arrange dormitories,But the cleaning department looks at Wu Jianguo’s face,I still vacated a small warehouse for Sandou to live in。Although the conditions are a bit worse,There are no windows for ventilation,But in Sandou’s own words,This is the treatment of a single family。
Although the result is not ideal,But Sandou is still very excited,Monthly income800yuan,That is an absolute wealthy household in his hometown。Sandou asked to celebrate,It happens that Li Tianchou has a half-day break after shift work,So I went to visit Erwa and Huaishan together。
The second baby is much thinner than before,The workers on the assembly line are very hard。Electronic factory implements piece rate,Do more, get more。So the second baby is very desperate,work everyday16Hours,No day off,I can earn more than two thousand yuan in a good month。Compared with the second baby,The new Huai Shan is still in the apprenticeship,Due to slow hands and feet,Can’t always turn positive,Income is not as good as Sandou,So in a bad mood。
In this strange city,Four brothers get together for the first time,Everyone can’t hide the excitement in their hearts,I stayed here temporarily anyway,It’s not easy。Li Tianchou took out the money at the bottom of the box and invited everyone to dinner,Also drank a lot of beer,Rare luxury。Although Sandou admires the second baby’s income,But he doesn’t want to disappoint Li Tianchou and Wu Jianguo,He is determined to work hard,Strive to become a formal worker。
The work of property security is very boring and boring,Although the community is high-end real estate,And big enough,There are also many scenic spots in there,But every day I wander around the unchanging park,Prone to visual fatigue。Of course in the dead corner of the monitoring probe,Can still smoke,Bragging,This is also the only fun of visiting the park。But the time cannot be too long,Otherwise, the intercom will make a harsh call。
While standing at the gate,Is there much freedom,But I can find fun on my own,Such as admiring the beautiful cuties passing by,Make a comment,Then there are the influential jokes whispering,It’s easy to pass a day time。


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