Julan flashed her body and said:“Enough,I gave you a chance just now,But it turned out to be such a result,This shows that we have no such fate“Julan finished saying this,People have rushed out of the door。

“Shit fate!you are mine,Don’t want to run away in this life“Wang Youcai chased to the door,Lowered her voice and shouted to Julan who was going away。
First1437chapter Don’t go too far
Be brave,Wang Youcai is still very courageous。
He is on the four tires of his broken jeep,With snow chains,He just drove the car to the health center in Baishui Town。The doctor at the health center was not scared by Li Lanxiang’s illness,But was frightened by Wang Youcai’s boldness。
Such thick snow,Let alone driving,It’s a little difficult for people to walk。There were still many patients in the old town health center,But due to heavy snow,There are almost no doctors,Who expected,Wang Youcai drove the car into the hospital。
Several doctors gave Li Lanxiang a diagnosis with a surprised look,The result is a viral cold,Fairly delivered in time,Otherwise, where will the elderly report?。
Got two shots first,Then immediately do the infusion。About when a bottle of liquid was lost less than half,Li Lanxiang opened his eyes。She saw that she was lying in the hospital,I was in a hurry,She remembered,Rogue is too weak,There is no movement after two moves。
“Chunni!You prodigal woman,Don’t i just catch a cold?Why did you send me here“Li Lan smells like silk,She gasped and said。
Xia Jian got angry right away,He rushed over in two steps,Shouted at Li Lanxiang loudly:“You dead old woman,People are dying,Remember to be afraid of making money。I tell you,The renminbi can’t be circulated if brought“
Wang Youcai’s words made the little nurses laugh。Yao Chunni is angry even though,But Li Lanxiang is a patient after all,She gently walked to Li Lanxiang’s bed,Whispered advice:“Body matters,You’ve been in a coma for a long time,If it weren’t for Mr. Wang, who risked a risk to send you over,This money might really save you“
Li Lanxiang listened,Gratefully glanced at Wang Youcai,There were two teardrops on the corner of my eyes。Although Wang Youcai is a bastard,But he also has the heart,What he can’t stand for is the tears of women。Although Li Lanxiang is an old woman,But she is still female after all,So he walked out of the ward room。
The snow in the hospital didn’t move at all,I just shoveled out a few walking trails。But to be honest,I really don’t know where to pile such thick snow。
Finance Minister Wang You is so old,This is the first time I have encountered such heavy snow,I don’t know what will happen to my hometown。Thinking about this question,Wang Youcai dialed the home phone。Although Chen Zhuang said he is powered on now,But there is still no cell phone signal relay tower。Hu Huiru said he would install a telephone in Wang Youcai’s office,But this matter has not been finalized yet。
Phone through,Chen Yueqin’s voice came from inside:“Who?Which one to look for?”
“mom!I am rich。Has it snowed in our house recently,My side is covered by heavy snow,The snow is a foot thick,A little difficult to walk”One call,Wang Youcai said loudly。
Chen Yueqin heard the phone call from her son Wang Youcai,Then he said with a smile:“Our side is okay,It’s the next time when your elder brother got married,Back down again,But not much,It’s just getting colder”


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