“Don’t you hurt?!”Yu Zhe looked at her with a calm expression,I have an ominous premonition in my heart。

Pre-inspected,Yu Zhe quickly checked Shi Mu Luo’s arm,It really oozes blood,Soaked half sleeves,He held her wrist,Lightly moved,It just feels like a doll’s arm,No support at all,At the mercy of others。
“ArrivedcGo to the hospital first,Your wound must be treated,Otherwise it will really be abandoned……”He is a little worried,This is not a joke,Originally, Maureen also said,This wound is not easy to treat,Very easy to go wrong,And if it develops to the point of unconsciousness,That is the most unfortunate situation。
“No way!”Shi Muluo strongly refused,“Go to my house first,I am a gunshot wound,Although processed, it can be seen,They will call the police when they go to the hospital,We are self-invested。”
“The police asked me to explain for you,I can’t watch your hand so much!”Yu Zhe also changed his attitude and said strongly,At this time, Mu Luo really didn’t care about herself,Any injury can be said lightly by her。
“We are being hunted now……First find a safe place to settle down……inCI have a few acquaintances,Can handle this kind of wound,I promise you,I’ll deal with it as soon as we are safe?”
Shi Muluo confronts Yu Zhe’s rebuttal,His attitude is slightly weakened,She can tell,The kindness in his tone。
“Don’t delay the treatment time……”
“I already do,I don’t care if it’s a few minutes or less.。”She smiled and comforted Yu Zhe,There are too many more important things ahead,Her injury is nothing。
“……OK then,But once it stabilizes,Must be dealt with first。”Yu Zhe sighed and had to compromise,Talking about the unique character with time,Can let her easily achieve this“protocol”It’s not easy,He was silent for a while before continuing to add。
“Don’t stand here stupidly,I’m afraid they are more than that,I just saw who they still seem to be in contact with,Leave now……”
Shi Mu Luo nodded in agreement,No more delay,As Yu Zhe returned to the car’s position,Taking advantage of this short and safe time,Rush toCCity residence。
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Chapter One Hundred and Seventy “Garage”
After that, the journey became much smoother,The two did not meet other chasers,Arrived smoothlyCWithin the city。
But another serious problem lies ahead,There are a lot of bullet marks on their car right now,The windows are almost broken,How to be safe、Driving on the road without being noticed by the police,Became the most difficult problem。
“Let’s find a place to fix the car……Forget it, just change it。”Shi Muluo suggested,
Although she was a little reluctant to bear Maureen’s car,But due to serious damage to the exterior,It takes a long time to fully repair,She can’t just not fix it,Or be stopped by the police,But I have a big question.


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