In fact, I don’t need to contact Qin Feng at all,Even Qiao Wei came to communicate with his son in the end。Qin Feng doesn’t care about the content。

But Qin Feng felt that he received too much information at once,Then the brain is a bit overloaded,So he needs to rest。I wanted to find a house to rest in the yard,Then came to the backyard,He was stunned again。
“Jiang Yan,Su Rou?”
Qin Feng only felt depressed in his heart at this time。When did people gather on the island country??He and Su Rou haven’t been in contact for a long time,At that time, the news from the other party was about traveling or something。But Qin Feng and Jiang Yan,I still met in the capital。
Who would have thought that it was only a while,These two girls have come to the island country?
“Qin Feng,You are here?”For the appearance of Qin Feng,The two girls don’t seem surprised at all。
“Why are you here?But you guys have a good taste in this kimono。”Qin Feng couldn’t help but admire。
“Ok,Sister Yan’s grandpa said he bought a villa here,Let us come。But we have lived here for almost a week。The only depressed thing is that there are black bodyguards following in and out,Just like the rich lady。”Although Su Rou’s tone is a bit dissatisfied,But Qin Feng thinks she must be a little bit happy。
After all, Su Rou actually yearned for the life of such a rich lady?
It’s Jiang Yan’s side,Qin Feng did not expect that a strong woman who likes to work hard in business would leave the company and come to the island country.。
Jiang Yan seems to understand the meaning in Qin Feng’s eyes,Had to say,“Don’t look at me。My grandpa lied to me that he wanted to live with me in his old age。He said that he might be alive within a few years。At that time, he was crying,I can’t refuse。”
Jiang Yan was rather helpless when talking about this,Who would have thought that the old man would actually play this kind of affection scene with him??Speaking of,Jiang Min is already Jiang Yan’s last relative。If Jiang Min is really long and short,Jiang Yan might really become“orphan”Up。
So in desperation,Can only put down the work on hand and come over。After coming here,I can meet Jiang Min often,Even the latter accompanied her to visit temple fairs in the island country。


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