Seminar on the leaders of the two strait transactions of the Tenth Strait of Straits held in Taoyuan

People’s Daily Nine Garden November 24 (Reporter Sun Liji, Wang Lianwei) The head of the Tenth Strait Cross-Strait School held a leader in Taoyuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan, Taoyuan Campus today. From Peking University, Taiwan University and other crossings and heads of cross-strait transactions, the establishment of two sides of the innovation and entrepreneurial education, establishing two-strand school cooperation, etc. When Ming Chuan, Li Wei, Li Wei, said that this seminar surrounded two sides of students’ innovation, graduation entrepreneurship, and the two-strait colleges and universities will further explore academic exchanges, and how to further improve the problem of dual school.

When he was interviewed, the University is a mechanism for cultivating talents. Double school in both strait is doing, so you can play a greater than two effects.

Because the two sides of the strait although the same kind, the social form is not the same, the double school system can make the students see it as a real, personally understand the opposite shore.

The students who have been cultivated, the business community will be more welcome. When Xiamen University Vice President, when he said that the mainland and Taiwan faced economic changes, "When the economy downsides, it is not an innovation, not entrepreneurship.

"He said," I heard that Taiwanese students most want to learn the chef, every day, there is a hotel opened.

And the mainland student said that entrepreneurship is to do online business online, this is not innovation. "Taguang believes that in innovation and entrepreneurial education, Europe and the United States stronger than Taiwan, Taiwan is better than the mainland, and the mainland is in recent years to promote youth innovation.

He suggested that the establishment of a benign operation two-shore student entrepreneurial innovation mechanism, no longer the exchange of school and school, department and department, but official cooperation set up two-strait entrepreneurship, innovation support center, so that there is a platform with resources on both sides.

Yan Shijing, deputy principal, Sichuan University, said that the seminar determined the annual meeting from the beginning of the third year and turned in Zhuangzhuang, which has become an important platform for communication exchanges in colleges and universities in both sides. In the future, it is recommended to look at the cross-strait education exchanges, actively promote the scale of cross-strait exchanges. It is reported that the two sides of the famous school seminars are launched by the University of the mainland. In 2006, it was held in the implementation of the "Straits Cross-Strait University President Forum". The first year was hosted by Nanjing University, from the third year of the third shore, Sichuan University, Political University, Donghai University, Lanzhou University, etc., this year, Ming Chuan University is continued.


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