Liu Ru smoke has become a surprise。

She seems to understand something。
The mind could not recall the encounter with the summer.。
No matter the identity of Yang Yunfeng Sanmeng Refinery,Still, I actively exposed the identity of Grandfather Refinery.……The clouds are light in the summer。
Everything is all said.。
Summer must be a hidden refiner master,must!
Some people are happy,Someone is shocked,Someone is turned,Someone,It is a big change in his face.。
Just like Zhang Wenlong,Flush,The flame risks burned on it goes out。
He can’t help but take a breath of cold.,There is a change between the look.。
He thought before,After the end of the assessment,Be sure to thoroughly。
Not only the summer assessment process,It is also necessary to take the judges of the assessment to drive out the Refinetor Association.,儆 especially。
Now,Really played him a hot slash。
Senior heart,There is also a turbulent impurity……No explanation,This kid is definitely not a newcomer!
The night small fairy,The charming cheeks also have a mistake。
Always,She didn’t look at this kid at all.。
The reason for him,But in order to suppress the willow like smoke.。
It seems that it is not so simple now.。
Think of the two billion yuan of gambling……Why,Her heart is hidden in an uneasy feeling。
at this time,A judge reaction,Improve sound cold drink。
“It is currently an assessment time,Don’t distract,Unless you don’t want to pass assessment。”
Just finished,Everyone is in a sense of。
Another judges are even more exclusive.。
“Especially individual players,You have to step up,Two billion gambling……”
The remaining judges have seen this person with a different gaze.。
“cough……I am not right??”This judge touched the Pakistan,“I am a kindness,Good heart reminded them,cough。”
Skillful fart。
You are looking for a lot of trouble.。
Everyone has a belly。
But then,But let everyone become tense and focused。
“Humph,Refiner assessment is integrated technology,Don’t think that you will be advanced mind,It’s not a smoothness of pureness.。” Zhang Wenlong biting his teeth,Dancing,“Do not understand material compatibility,Do not understand changes in front nodes,Mock up refining。”
2 billion yuan of gambling,Like a mountainous place in his heart。
He is giving yourself unzipped,Content of concentration。
However,He is divided into mind。


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