Chapter Twenty Five Tkawi Thieves
The long caravan crosses the county town in the sunset province‘Yaducheng’,Direction from west to north,Towards the southern big city of the southeast province‘Jaban City’Forward。
The air along the way is no longer as humid as the sunset,The occasional breeze takes away a trace of warmth。
The sun in the early summer noon is a bit hot,The caravan’s driver also yelled at the pack beast to slow down,Slowly stop stationed。
Most of the pack animals also stick out their tongues,Flick your tail to drive away nasty mosquitoes。Except for a small lizard pack animal,Roll your tongue and treat tiny mosquitoes as a snack before lunch。
Wright and Kirton stand side by side on the left wing of the caravan,Wearing leather armor,Holding a weapon,Watching the distance from time to time。
Since I accepted the employment,Then you can’t be as leisurely as before as an employer。
Curton’s daughter Anna was also settled in the center of the caravan,Specially arranged someone to take care of,And the purple-eyed ferret bell was removed,Very boring lying on Anna’s shoulder,Shoulder the responsibility of protecting the little girl,Use your nose to sniff from time to time,Its sensitive sense of smell can easily detect if a stranger is approaching。
“Brother Wright,You right‘Tkawi Thieves’Do you understand?It seems very difficult to listen to Tom。”Although Curton’s strength is very strong among the seventh-level fighters,But he is an adventurer who has hunted and killed Warcraft in the Warcraft Mountains for a long time,Instead of a mercenary guarding the caravan,I don’t know much about these bandits。
Wright is also a little confused:“Tom said that he killed several caravans in a row‘Tkawi Thieves’,I really don’t know much。but‘Tkawi Thieves’Itself is related to an interesting anecdote。But the one I know‘Tkawi Thieves’,Actually never existed,I just don’t know what is the relationship between the two。”
Looking at Curton a little bit puzzled,Wright had to start from the beginning。
“At that time there was a‘Tkawi family’,Is a business-started rich family,At that time and the Magnolia Empire‘Battle of the Three Rivers’in,There are family children,Through various operations,Acquired the title of earl,A new noble。”
“After being sealed, the Tekawi family was stationed in‘Jaban City’,They certainly did not give up the family business,There is its own caravan on the business road from sunset province to southeast province,No less than the average medium-sized chamber of commerce。About eighty years ago,It was the second earl,It is said that once their family caravan was robbed by robbers,The loss of the goods,But a daughter of the head of the Tkawi family was taken away!”
“It is said that in a few days,The girl’s body was found on the edge of Shangdao。”
“What,So exciting!”A sweet voice came,And Wright turned around,Rolled eyes。


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